Traffic Diversion Due To Chhatrapati Flyover Demolition: Here’s Your New Routemap

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It was announced a while ago that the Chhatrapati flyover on Wardha road will be pulled down to allow for the construction of an overbridge for the Nagpur Metro, along with a second bridge for regular traffic between Ajni square and Hotel Pride. The work will commence from November 15, and the Chhatrapati square will be cordoned off for traffic. As such, the traffic on this route will be diverted according to the following plan:

Those approaching Chhatrapati square from the North will have to take the route Hindustan Colony - Gajanan Nagar - Narendranagar bridge - Ring road - Narendranagar Railway Overbridge - Radisson Hotel square.

Those approaching from Ajni square will have to take the RPTS road - Deonagar road - Khamla Junction - Khamla square - Khamla bazaar square - Coca Cola junction.

Those travelling from Narendranagar to Khamla can take the route Radisson Blu Hotel square - Coca Cola junction - Khamla bazaar square.

The construction is expected to be completed by November 30.

Image sourced from metrorailnagpur

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