Nagpur Can’t Drive Saala

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This is not the kind of an article about bashing, this is the article that wishes to invoke change. The city has been infected and if you know a thing or two about infection, you can tell that it absolutely suck. Nagpur we need to get rid of this, asap.

Exhibit A: Manish Nagar Railway Crossing

Still from manish nagar crossing

Do you know what’s wrong with this picture? Freaking everything. Look at the people being all ignorant of the situation and how nonchalantly they have choked one side of the road. We get it? Everyone wants to cross first, but how are the people on the other side going to commute if you are blocking their path? FYI — the condition is same on the other end.

Like a Guinea Pig

We all are in a rush, we all must make haste. But is it all really necessary? Saving 6 minutes (assuming you broke 6 signals) of your life as you whroom through traffic disregarding all the signals and people. What are you going to do with the saved time? Oh we know, you will ultimately waste it on something more menial (cough *whatsapp* cough). We are like these Guinea pig (refer GIF), we need to go somewhere but we gotta do it fast.

Brakes, what is that?

We would rather speed than apply brakes. Why? Because it will slow you down and you will lose the Grand prix to a guy next you. If somebody does apply brakes, then everyone is so going to crash into them. Bravo!

Bikers have no chill

Source: goodreads

Ohh look at me flying and the next moment he could literally be seen flying over everyone with his bike following his trajectory. Why risk that? Slow the F down and avoid being a menace. Our roads are not as empty as they seem in the GIF. We are more than a billion people, you know!

Female drivers

Source: Gifsoup

In the age women empowerment, they are going to make you believe, that they can do everything. Even drive. But this GIF disagrees. Our advice on the matter — keep your distance, if you wish to live.

I live for this Sh*T

Source: craveonline

What do we live for? Breaking those rules and driving like a lunatic? For Nagpur people, it can be summed up with these lines.

“Wrong way we drive that,
Red light we jump that,
fuel we pump that,
High speed is what we drive at.”

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