19-Year-Old Nagpur Boy Creates Eco-Friendly Electric Car Out Of Scrap

Omkar Talmale comes from a middle-class family and doesn’t have a background in automobile engineering or any related field.

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When we think of making something out of a broken plastic drum a couple buckets, and a few pieces of scrap iron rods and pipes that would be very difficult to decide - since all of that is just useless garbage. But what if we told you a19-year-old had made a car out those drums.

Yes, you heard it right - just 19-year-old Omkar Talmale, studying an air rifle shooting course in Pune made an electric car and even drove it to Amravati and back.

Surprisingly, Talmale doesn’t belong to any background in automobile engineering or any related field. However, he made this eco-friendly car out of sheer interest and determination, by spending his pocket money. Talmale spent Rs 50,000 that he had saved for over the years for making this car.

Talmale is always so passionate about inventing new things that at the age of 14 he had created a mobile charger using a bicycle.

Talmale, who completed his schooling from Dharampeth High School, is a resident of Dattawadi. His father is a small businessman who owns a stationery shop.

“I have wanted a vehicle. For the last two years, I have been saving pocket money as I wanted to invest it in something that I would create on my own. Eventually, I got the idea of developing this car,” said Talmale.

Talmale named the car, which has seats for two, ‘Hirkani’. For creating the car Talmale has used a 200-litre broken water drum lying waste at his home as the bonnet, and he used two old buckets to make the seats.

Source: Facebook

Talmale also stated,

Its maximum speed limit is 50 km/hour. It takes two units of electricity to charge it completely. It has enough battery backup to run for about four hours in one go.

 About the trip to Amravati, Talmale said,

We covered the 150 km distance in about 4 hours and 20 minutes. We took a break of 20 minutes during the drive. The journey was completed as we had planned, the car ride was smooth, and it required no charging in between.

 We wish Omkar all the best for his future endeavours!


Information Source: Indiatimes

Title Image: Facebook

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