Nagpur's Bhandewadi Dumping Ground Catches Fire, Yet Again!

The fire which was spread over 100 square meters, was controlled soon.

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The Bhandewadi dumping ground of the city has caught fire, again. This is the second time in 20 days when the fire in dumping ground has added to the air pollution. 

"In the evening around 7-8 pm, heavy smoke suddenly started emitting from the heaps of municipal solid waste," the officials of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) said while talking about the fire which started 3-4 days back.  

After the incident came to light, a fire tender which is permanently deployed at Bhandewadi reached the spot immediately.

The fire which was spread over 100 square meters, was controlled soon.

Source: Hitavada

Earlier, the dumping ground had caught fire on November 26.

At that time, the officials had blamed the workers at the site who smoke and throw the cigarette buds anywhere. But this time, no one was present near the area where the fire was caught. 

"Not even garbage dumping vehicles go this side. We are unable to ascertain the exact cause," TOI quoted one of the officials. 

According to the officials, the side which caught fire does not even host dumping vehicles, and hence, it's is quite difficult to find the accurate reason.

The Bhandewadi dumping ground contains a huge amount of unsaturated solid waste through plastics, metals to paper, organic, electric, rubber, and construction waste. Usually, fire accidents occur in summer, but this particular incident has raised a lot of questions. 

Information Source: TOI

Title Image: huffington

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