Nagpur's Ambazari Swimming Pool To Finally Open By March 15!

Pankaj Ambhorkar, an NIT assistant engineer told the TOI that the warm-up pool, main pool and baby pool were ready.

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The Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) is setting in the summer mood of the city by opening up the Ambazari swimming pool for the public. The pool was shut for reworks and renovation since February 2017. It is all set to reopen by March 15.

NIT chairman Deepak Mhaisekar had earlier assured the pool users that the pool will be reopened by December 2017. But due to the damages that occurred to the water pipeline by the Mahametro, the date got postponed to March 15.

The damage had disrupted the water supply from the Ambazari lake to the pool. Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC’s) water supply operator, OCW, had to issue immediate orders to close the valves of the ruptured pipeline. The filling up of the pools was temporarily on pause until the reworks were carried out on the pipelines.

According to sources, the pipeline was damaged at around midnight of March 2. Residents in the area woke up to water flowing on the streets and informed the NMC and OCW. Sanjay Gaikwad, a water supply engineer and OCW chief executive officer Sanjoy Roy, led the team of engineers to the damaged pipeline spot and shut the valve. After an 18-hour long operation, the leakage was blocked. An OCW spokesperson said that the leakage was blocked and the repairs were carried out by the NMC despite the pipelines not being owned by the NMC.

While speaking to TOI, Gaikwad revealed that the valve will be opened only after the pipelines were repaired completely.

Pankaj Ambhorkar, an NIT assistant engineer told the TOI that the warm-up pool, main pool and baby pool were ready.

“Work is going on the diving pool and will be completed soon,” he further added.

This was the second time the pool was shut down ever since it was constructed. It was first closed in October 2015 for six months. Minor repair works and shower baths were added during this shut down period.

NIT had plans of building a sports complex in place of the baby pool. But as soon as the demolition works started, the organization received flak and strong resistance from the public, thus stalling the plans. Eventually, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis too dismissed the proposal and ordered NIT to renovate the pool.

Information source: timesofindia

Title image source: nagpurtoday

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