Nagpur’s Amit Samarth Vyas Is India’s Only Cyclist To Make World's Longest Bike Ride

Samarth, who is the Director of Pro Health Foundation, is the only Indian to be eligible for this race

Amit Samarth Vyas, Doctor and Cyclist, World's Longest Bike Ride, Nagpur, Director of Pro Health Foundation, Trans-Siberian-Extreme, Moscow

It’s time for Nagpurkars to take pride on Dr. Amit Samratn Vyas, the only Indian cyclist to make its space in the world's longest bike ride: Trans-Siberian-Extreme.

Source: redbull

The challenge is to complete the 9,100 km distance between Moscow and Vladivostok, Russia, in 24 days.

Dr. Amit has previously garnered many accolades in the racing. Back in the month of June 2017, Amit became the first ever Indian to complete the Race Across America, (RAAM) in first attempt.

Tagged as the Ironman of Nagpur and Central India, Amit finished full triathlon at Busselton, near Perth in Australia on Dec 4, 2016. This helped him realize his ultimate goal of completing RAAM which he did with rigorous preparation. While preparing from the RAAM, he peddled his way through highways and hilly terrains for six months.

While in this mild-chilling winter of Nagpur we prefer to stay comfortable lying in the warm-cosy blanket, here is Amit who is striving hard to make his way to make Nagpur Proud and India Proud!

Information and image sourced from: lokmat

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