Ushering In The Organic Revolution, MyGreen Mart Launches In Nagpur

The city's first organic produce market opens shop in Gondwana Circle, Byramji Town.

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With an increased incidence of hazardous genetically modified and synthetically treated agricultural produce in the market, the demand for organic foods has also risen. Bringing in certified organic food to the Orange City is MyGreen Mart- the city's first market for organic vegetables, fruits, seeds and other foodstuff. 

Located at Gondwana Circle, Byramji Town, the store was inaugurated on Monday, June 5 by Dr A S Rajput, Regional Director, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare, Regional Centre of Organic Farming.

The government of India is actively promoting organic farming which is known to improve soil fertility and provide benefits for farmers in the long run. However, given the higher initial cost, organic produce tends to be more expensive, and farmers tend to get discouraged. On the occasion, which also coincided with World Environment Day, Dr Rajput said, 

Farmers in our country don't get full benefit from their produce due to lack of awareness about governmental provisions, systems and certifications. If we establish direct market links between buyers and sellers and eliminate intermediaries, we can not only secure premium prices for organic producers but also provide best quality of fruits and vegetables to the buyers.

The organic market is fraught with fraudulent sellers and agents who can pass off sub-standard produce as organic. Regarding this, Dr Rajput informed the gathering, 

To crack down on frauds, the government has allocated funds for surprise quality inspections by NABL accredited labs.... If caught, the frauds can be penalised and even jailed under the provisions of the Fertilizers Act. Legitimate initiatives like MyGreen Mart are great examples which help farmers sustain their production and meet the demands of a growing market.

Visit MyGreen Mart for a variety of local and exotic fruits, vegetables, seeds, salads and even eco-friendly organic kitchenware.

You can also visit their retail outlet at Shop No. B-7, Jaidev Apartment, Gondwana Square, Byramji Town, Nagpur.

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