Here’s How Major Metro Stations In Nagpur Will Look Like!

With cutting-edge, beautiful infrastructure the metro rail stations will be admired by everyone.

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With the Metro in town there are plenty of new developments introduced for the convenience of people. With the seamless travel and the mobility card, metro stations will also join the list of attractions in the Orange City. With cutting-edge and beautiful infrastructure, the metro rail stations will be admired by everyone (only if they are not painted red with ‘Kharra stains’, that is).

Scroll down to know how the stations will be constructed-


The theme for this Nagpur Metro station is 'Aqua', as the alignment runs through the bank of famous Ambazari lake, which is also a picnic spot for locals. The interior will depict the history of Nagpur and Maharashtra. The design is suitable for the climate of Nagpur.  

Automotive Chowk:

This is the last station on North-South corridor. It will have all modern amenities like lifts, escalators, special facilities for physically challenged commuters etc, and it is planned to be a landmark destination in the northern part of Nagpur.

Ajni Square:

This is the detailed design of how the station will look like. The whole architecture- structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design has been designed by L &T and Rajendran Associates.


The station will be an important location on the North-South corridor of Nagpur Metro. It will have a unique infrastructure catering to citizens from Gaddigodam, Sadar and all locations on Katol road.

Zero Mile:

The station will be  integrated with the Zero Mile Tower. It will be an amazing addition to the skyline of the city.

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