[UPDATE: It Might Come Sooner] McDonald's Might Just Come To Nagpur Thanks To MahaMetro

The wait seems to come to an end, thanks to Nagpur MahaMetro

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UPDATE: It might be coming even sooner!

Reacho has learned from a reliable source that the wheels are already in motion to bring McDonald's to Nagpur and this might happen even before the Nagpur Metro complex is built.

Original article follows:

Looks like our yearning of having a McDonald’s outlet in the city might soon be fulfilled. 

Yes, folks, this isn’t a hoax! The time has come when all of us will get to binge on our favorite burgers and fries!

MahaMetro is inviting popular food chains to roll out their outlets in its station in order to increase the ridership of Nagpur Metro.

It is reported that the team of McDonalds India visited the city last week of February. Not just McD, a team well-known coffee brand has also been said to be visited.

Source: metrorailnews

Team McD,  that has two marketing officials had visited Khapri, New Airport and Airport South stations. This information was provided from one of the source of MahaMetro.

The source said,

They felt a Metro station would serve as a good location for McDonald’s outlet. However, a technical team from the company would visit the city again to determine viability

We had organized developer’s meet some time ago, which got an excellent response. Three hotel chains also evinced interest in starting their establishments above our stations, said Brijesh Dixt, MahaMetro, MD

Source: fox13news

Already craving for the burger, fries and happy meal? Let’s just pray that our hopes don’t go in despair. Because with every McD news Nagpurkars are growing curious and hungry.

So, to everyone who was unhappy with the traffic conditions due to Metro project happening in the city, we hope this news has lifted up your mood!

Title image: foreverhungry

Information source: timesofindia

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