Man Raises His Voice On The Restriction Of Ola Cab Services On Nagpur Airport

Somehow the monopoly set against the restriction of Ola cab services couldn’t allow the cab to make its way to the airport.

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What should one do if he/she has demanded a very basic facility and that too after travelling from a long-weary journey?

Anyone who travels from a long-weary journey would always opt for a comfortable ride to his/ her destination. But what if someone or some set of rules and regulations deprives you of making a choice of your vehicle ride?

An outburst of annoyance is expected!

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Something similar happened with Sachin, a commuter who had to face inconvenience during his ride from Nagpur Airport to his destination.

Sachin landed to Nagpur from Delhi and booked an Ola cab. Somehow the monopoly set against the restriction of Ola cab services couldn’t allow the cab to make its way to the airport. Sachin kept asking the cab driver to come at a nearer spot, but the driver kept denying because he was sure that the security guards won’t allow him to enter.

However, the man then had to walk down to the Hotel Pride with his luggage to avail the ride.


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In his caption he wrote, Ola cab charged him for 180/- while a prepaid taxi demanded 300/- Unbearable by the discrimination in charges he then chose Ola but unfortunately had to walk a mile to avail it.

#DevendraPhadanvis ???????????????????????? #NitinGadkari ???????????????????????? in your city this Dadagiri by airport contractor. Keeping three securities on the airport access road to stop any #Olacab pickup. When Ola charge comes RS 180 prepaid taxi charges Rs 300. I will not bear injustice. I walked to the main road and booked Ola form there. We are in democracy, correct? #NarendraModi ???????????????????????? #SachinBola

Posted by Sachin S Birewar on 27 ऑक्टोबर 2017

As you can see in the background the area is Somalwada - Rajivnagar which clearly indicates that his just landed journey from the airport has forced him to make this video and raise his voice.

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