In A Maiden Attempt, Maharashtra Government Announces 1% Reservation To Orphans

The resolution will also provide its benefits to orphans outside institutions.

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In a first and a novel decision of its kind, the Maharashtra government has announced a reservation of 1% for the orphan of the open category in the education and jobs sector.

In January, the state cabinet had already taken the decision. But it was on Monday that the government resolution was issued to approve it. The resolution is now in effect and the benefit of the same can be obtained for all state-level recruitments of any level.

According to the government resolution, all those orphans who cannot trace their parents and relatives and are clueless about their caste will be qualified to avail the reservation. But it would necessary for the orphan to acquire a certificate that categorizes them as ‘orphan’, from the women and child department. “Only people with that certificate will be eligible,” stated the resolution.

It was Amruta Karvande’s case that highlights the problem of an orphan when it comes to education and jobs. 23-year-old Amruta was raised in an orphanage in Goa. The hassles she faced for not having a caste certificate when she appeared for her MPSC exam, motivated her to work toward this unique kind of reservation. Karvande finds the government resolution to be a positive step taken towards many helpless like her who could be on the verge of losing their education/job opportunities only because of no caste certificate.

 Source: hindustantimes

The government resolution also states that the authority to allot the certificates has been dispersed to the district level committees. The committees now face a 40-day deadline to decide on the orphan status. Karvande has welcomed this move saying it would only add to the benefit of the orphans.

While speaking to TOI, Karvande said, “Earlier, only the women and child commissionerate had the power to issue certificates and it led to high pendency of cases. Only a few people in the state have a certificate.”

She further added that the resolution will also provide its benefits to orphans outside institutions.

“Till now, all government decisions on orphans and their welfare was for those in aided or unaided orphanages. But this GR also considers children who live on footpaths and who are no part of any formal institutions.”

The number of orphan children in the state-run orphanages is about 3,900, while the number of those in the private orphanages is not known.

This kind of reservation which is known as “parallel reservation” will be offered under the general category. Thus, not increasing the caste-based reservation quota which is already 52%. To simplify it, parallel reservation means on 1% of the total jobs vacancies for general category will now be reserved for the orphan category.

Information source: timesofindia

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