Maharashtra Government Likely To Invest In 25,000 Crore Cow Project In Vidarbha

Patanjali is all set to buy 10,000 cows to develop a breeding centre and carry out dairy related activities on the provided land.

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Nitin Gadkari, on Friday, had requested Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis to consider providing Ramdev Baba, with 1000 acres of land for a cow based project in Vidarbha.

Within 2 days, he announced that the state government would be raising a 25,000 crores project on 800 acres at Heti (Kundi) village in Vidarbha, to be carried forward with the help of Ramdev’s Patanjali group.

Patanjali is all set to buy 10,000 cows to develop a breeding centre and carry out dairy related activities on the provided land.

When asked if the CM processed the proposal within 2 days, sources said, “It hasn’t come to CMO as yet.”

“There is already a cow breeding centre of the state animal husbandry department at Heti (Kundi). There is a proposal to develop it but it has to come through the animal husbandry department," said Shailesh Nawal, Collector of Wardha. 

“We have a breeding centre for a desi breed of cows called gawlau at Heti (Kundi). It is spread over 328 hectares of which 40.80 hectares belong to our department and we have grazing rights over 227.2 hectares, which belong to the forest department. There is a proposal to rejuvenate the centre. Whether it is to be developed on public-private partnership, strategic partnership or build-operate-transfer basis is under consideration. There was some discussion among the Union minister, the CM and the animal husbandry minister regarding this,” said Kantilal Umap, the Animal Husbandry Commissioner.

In an interview with Indian Express, Patanjali’s Acharya Balkrishna said, “We want to raise a service-oriented project, which will be basically a mother bull farm. It will not be a commercial project. Gadkariji has told us to expeditiously send a detailed project report, which is being readied for submission to the CM.”

Talking about whether Patanjali will be investing in the land, he said, “No. As I said, it’s not a commercial project and will basically benefit the country. We will operate on government land with an investment of Rs 500 crore. If it’s on PPP basis, then it works well since we will be able to get government funds too to run the project.”

Looks like this cow project might be a little chaotic.

Information source: indianexpress

Cover image source: lifeandtrendz, energy.economictimes

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