Mahametro Installs Solar Traffic Signals At Busy Junctions Of Nagpur

Ten signals are already installed at some of the major junctions of the city.

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Taking a crucial step towards road safety and traffic control, solar signals have been installed at some major junctions of the city. This initiative is taken by the Mahametro along with the Nagpur traffic police. 

As many as ten solar signals are already installed and five more are in the pipeline. 

This step was taken after many electricity-operated signals had turned non-functional at some spots.

"These signals are easy to install and operate. Geetanjali Square, Telephone Exchange, Hingna T-point, Ambazari T-point, and Kamptee Road are some of the locations where these signals have been installed. The number of solar signals is likely to be increased as per requirement," TOI quoted a source. 

"Installation of these signals was among a series of measures taken by Mahametro to solve traffic-related issues. As part of this endeavour, a meeting of senior Mahametro officials and traffic police was held to enhance coordination between the two agencies," the source added. 

The officials also discussed many issues like diversion of roads during construction, the requirement of road dividers and filling up potholes on the roads in the meeting.

Other important decisions taken in the meeting include the removal of unnecessary barricades wherever possible to allow proper flow of traffic. 

Information Source: TOI

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