Live Music & Stand-Up Comedy: This Festival Is A One-Stop-Shop For All Of Nagpurians’ Troubles!

All awesome things at a single venue!

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Do you have troubles finding the best evening dress for your girlfriend? Or do you keep looking for the best bakers in the city? Are you seeking a unique photo booth to click another Selfie? Or do you long for live music and good food in Nagpur? Do you crave for some live stand-up comedians in the city? Or maybe a place you can hangout with your better half? Are you looking forward to the perfect Sunday with your family?

If yes, then you've landed on the right place! We've got the best one-stop shop for you: Agora - The Flea Market!

Agora in collaboration with The Dream Catchers Nagpur is exhibiting the 5th Edition on 17th and 18th December, 2016 and it has got the solution to all your troubles!

1. Looking for live music?

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Live music and good food makes up for one of the most desirable evenings for a Nagpurian. As Nagpur lacks places where you can find them both at the same place, we have your back covered. Agora - The Flea Market offers live music: the vocalists and a band from Nagpur Unplugged as well as musicians from Bangalore!

2. Wanting to have some laugh?

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Stand-up comedians are as rare in the city as the winds of winters. To tickle your bones and to make you laugh until your tummy hurts, city's best comedian Jitesh Vasani will come to your rescue!

3. Craving some mouth-watering cuisines?

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Looking for a food store which can provide the favorites of all the members in the family and at the same time satiate everyone's hunger? City's best chefs and bakers will have their stalls - offering unique cuisines and fingerlicking desserts - at your footsteps!

4. Fishing out best fashion in the city?

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Do you follow the fashion of the major cities in India and crave to get your hands on the best dresses? 50 + stalls will be present to bring you the latest fashion and trends.

5. Want some good selfies for Instagram?

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Are you bored of your mundane pictures and want to click some exciting ones with your friends? The photo booths and the aesthetic appeal of The Flea Market will make up for the best stories on your Snapchat and Instagram!

6. Yearn for an outing with your other half?

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Looking for a placid and untroubled place to take your girlfriend out? With the live music, Christmassy appeal, exquisite adornment and your better half; no place could get more romantic!

7. Awaiting surprises to intrigue you?

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From travel contests to tarot card reading: this Flea is a big package of attractions and surprises to intrigue you and bring out the best in you; So much so, that you'd want for more!

8. Out shopping for the best gift?

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With Christmas and New Year around the corner and a season of gifts embracing the city, we have all that you need!

Crammed with 50+ stalls of men, women and kids garments, handmade products, arts and crafts section, home décor, makeup and accessories and limited editions and products that will fetch you the best gift for your loved ones!

9. Fancy something unique for your home?

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The home décor sections with unique and limited artefacts, arts and crafts sections with realistic paintings and mind blowing canvases: They'll all cater to your tastes and bring to you the best of the articles to embellish your home!

10. Need a jam-packed happy weekend?

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Need your Christmas to be merry with your friends, family and loved ones? Come together to celebrate the 5th Edition of Agora - The Flea Market!

Presenting Agora - The Flea Market in collaboration with The Dream Catchers:

Venue: South Central Zone
Date: 17th and 18th December, 2016
Time: 12 am to 10 pm
(All the performances of the event will be held on 18th December 2016 while The Flea Market will be on 17th as well as 18th December)

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