NAGPUR, Because Living In Metros Is Such A Passé!

Rising and Shining Nagpur has become one of the best tier II cities to settle down in!

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Rising and Shining Nagpur has become one of the best tier II cities to settle down in! Green, clean and super entertaining, this city has it all. Growing in every possible way, Nagpur offers a range of reasons as to why one should consider giving the metropolitans a miss.

1. Friends, Relatives, Movies and Bistros

Everything is just a stone's throw away! Instant plans work out the best on any day, at any time unlike in any huge metro city.

Eternity Mall, right at the center of Nagpur (Source: wikimapia)

2. Awesome places to hangout

Right from Coffee shops, multi-cuisine restaurants to roof-top lounges, Nagpur these days has several dining options mushrooming around everyday.

Live music at Nescafe Illusions

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3. Remote City, no way!

The mid-point of India makes Nagpur the perfect destination with excellent connectivity through roads, rail and air, thus ensuring a super comfortable travel

Source: mapio

Nagpur – Geographical Center of India. What a strategic location?

Nagpur at the center of India (Source: Google Maps)

4. The brands are now here

A large number of luxury brands have opened up exclusive showrooms in the city making shopping an enjoyable experience. And the local and wholesale markets of the city too are at par with the new fashion trends. Although, there are a few we still haven't got.

Mainland China opens in Nagpur

5. The Educational hub

Nagpurians need not flee to other cities for further studies anymore. The Orange city, which is already well-known for its Engineering and Medical college facilities, now boasts of the renowned IIM-N College thus making the city an educational hub while escalating the scope for the Management buddies as well.

Source: examswatch

6. Adventures loop around the city

Nagpur has some wonderful weekend gateways nearby. From wildlife sanctuaries to temples, waterfalls, dams and rivers, picnics can be planned just anywhere, at convenience and one can embark on a short, adventurous trip.

Tadoba National Park

7. Pedal your passion here

With the steady life here, one can find ample amount of time to pursue his passion and hobbies. Given the number of art, dance and music academies of renowned artists coming up in the city, Nagpurians can now enjoy taming their creative arena and bring out the artistic nerd in them.

Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur

8. The Humble Nagpurians

Yes indeed, Nagpurians are known to be humble and helpful. People from this city offer a great company and are fun to hang-out with, age obviously no bar.

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9. Food, Food all the Time

Nagpur has several eateries and road side stalls which offer scrumptious dishes to settle the growling bellies. Known for Samose, Chole Pohe, Saoji delicacies and lip smacking sandwiches, these delightful nibbles are also available in the nocturnal for the night owls of the city

Famous tarri-poha at Kasturchand Park (Source: youtube)

Nagpur's very own Saoji!

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10. The loved ones are here!

Apart from all the wonderful things that the city has to offer, I am sure every visitor or the born Nagpurian has family, friends and relatives here who are not supposed to be left alone, so choose to stay here.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Life is too short to ravage in living a robotic, routine life. Choose to live with peace and one filled with adventures. After everything that you do, a slow and steady lifestyle can only be maintained with some wonderful people and experiences around. So instead of calculating every minute and running your schedule in big cities, pick sensibly and make time for celebrating your only life! Making memorable moments is imperative and a little easier in a smaller settlement!

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