Leopard Enters Isasani Area; Creates Panic Among Residents

The forest officials tried various methods to tranquilize the leopard so as to rescue it.

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An otherwise relaxed Sunday morning took a stressful turn when a leopard entered within the city limits. The leopard made its entry in the police residential colony which is near the Lata Mangeshkar College, Isasani. Panic prevailed in the residents of the area as the leopard fear gripped the localities.

The big cat too got alarmed because of the panicked mob surrounding it and entered the house of police officer Parag Vaysakar. Vaysakar saw the leopard heading towards the bathroom and locked the door as soon as it was inside.

The trapped leopard was then dealt with by the forest team who rescued it successfully from Vaysakar’s bathroom. The forest officials tried various methods to tranquilize the leopard so as to rescue it. But after the initial two attempts, the team was finally able to sedate the animal. The team tried to use the gun technique, which did not work. They later took to using the caging method, but that too did not work. In the end, they had to resort to the means of injecting the leopard with the help of a stick.

No person was injured or hurt because of the leopard and during the rescue operation, as well.

The operation started at 8 am and ended at 5 pm, taking about a total time of 9 hours to rescue the wildcat.

The forest department issued the statement saying: “The cat was trapped in the bathroom. There was only one window and the animal was sitting along the wall beneath the window. It was very difficult to aim the dart. After two darts missed, rescue team member Amol Gawner successfully tranquillized the leopard at 4.40 p.m. The operation lasted about eight hours.”

Amol Gawner, an Amravati rescue team official, previously has aided the high-profile rescue of a Tigress Kismat (T27c1).

Dr Jerryl Banait, a wildlife activist, was also present at the event. Immediately after the operation ended, he said, “The rescue operation just got over. The leopard is safely tranquilized. It was very difficult and time-consuming as the cat was trapped in a washroom. There was only one window and the cat was sitting just along the wall beneath the window. It was difficult to visualize it properly enough to aim the dart.”

No injuries were inflicted to the leopard during the rescue process.

Images: Dr Jerryl Banait

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