Late Night Dhabas In Nagpur Which Will Make You Fall In Love With The City

Nagpur is known for the popular misconception of being the city with 'No late night restaurants'. We at Reacho bring you the list of most adorable 24*7 Dhabas

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When our friends plan to catch up and hang out, the Nagpur routine is Saoji, beer, brainless talk and laughter. Imagine this: you’re chilling with your friends, beer in one hand and cigarette in the other, and your parents drive past! Many of you have also been in this horror story, we know. That’s why, we have found some amazing Dhabas in Nagpur at very peaceful locations within the radius of a few kilometres around the city which will always be in your service at all times:

Gurmeet Dhaba


Source: Saoji

This place is near MIHAN, Wardha Road. Late night at Gurmeet is charmingly peaceful. The place is surrounded by trees and a huge open space. This is the best place for Nagpuri youth to hang out undisturbed for a long time.

Puran Singh Dhaba


Source: Weebly

Punjabi Dhabas always promise great food. This is the best joint to have butter naan with a special saoji in the city!



Source: Buzztown

Shere Punjab is the favourite spot for college goers, with great Saoji and lots of booze. You might sooner get a high out of the Saoji than the alcohol here, though!

Girdhar Da Dhaba


Source: Sharbori

Straight opposite Mahindra & Mahindra at Hingna Road, Girdhar’s food has a taste that is incomparable with the best of chefs. One of the best and cheapest dhabas in Nagpur, you and your friends can eat limitless food and the bill still won’t hurt your wallet.  



Source: Rachie Helpline

Nagpur loves its spicy food and Khalsa takes care of that very well. You can enjoy many mouth- and eye-watering dishes here, and if you visit after 12, the kind folks will also provide heaters at each table to keep you warm!

Rana Punjabi


Source: Rana Dhaba

Hungry at midnight? Or early morning? This place will always be ready to serve you 24x7 with fresh tasty food.  

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