Nagpurkars All Set To Narrate Stories Of Partition, Freedom & Rehabilitation In 'Kisse Lakeeron Ke'!

An evening, high on storytelling and music!

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When was the last time you heard a story which drove you to the past? Where you actually could reimagine what would have happened and have lost all your senses. Ages ago, we assume!

Unboxing all the stories that got trapped in one’s heart and soul will be revived again on 2nd December from 5 pm to 7 pm at Chaos Theory by The Goodwill Tribe's Nagpur Chapter.

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The stories on partition, freedom, and rehabilitation will be narrated during the event. Every story holds a strong potential to teleport you, to the time back in that particular area.

As mindboggling stories will be awaiting you, every listener will be gifted with a specially handcrafted souvenir. And guess what? The entry, the souvenir, everything is for free! 

To discuss more about this in detail, Reacho got in touch with some team members of The Goodwill Tribe. This is what they had to say:

After two successful events, we are definitely looking forward this event.a. We’ve been working on the project- Kisse Lakeeron Ke for a month now  and so far we’ve tried achieving all that what was needed to be done. Despite having busy schedules and crazy work timings there is always a fun part attached with the team I work with. I get a very enthusiastic vibe from all the team members and it always feels great to be the part of such a young-crowd-filled tribe. – Neha Hood

Our past two events were very successful and I am sure that even this will turn out to be a splendid one. Since we all are not very much aware about the stories that has been forgotten in the past, Kisse Lakeeron Ke will act as that medium which will definitely make you believe in long-lost stories. – Ajinkya Bagade

Our generation is so much caught up in the technology that we’ve started missing out little things in life. It’s nice that the team has pulled out an event which revolves around the story-telling. Talking about my contribution to the tribe, a song will be presented by me and I am into my last bits of rehearsals with the team. - Bhavana Rajagopalan

The online registrations have already begun and there are limited seats only. To register, kindly fill the online form, here

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