Khaki Clad Nagpur Cops Will Be Your Buddies, Very Soon!

The system will have female cops who will be readily available for ladies to share their security dilemmas.

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Keeping the growing numbers of late working women and hostelities in the city in mind, the Nagpur police has decided to introduce the system of buddy cops.

The system will have female cops who will be readily available for ladies to share their security dilemmas.

Commissioner of Police, Dr K Ventakesh told TOI,

"There are approximately 90 government and private run women's hostels in Nagpur and we are planning to assign one or two lady constables as buddy cops for each one of them. We realise that there are women's issues that can't be shared even with the hostel wardens or friends. This is where these buddy cops will step in and provide that much needed security and support," he explains.

The work to build up the system is on process by searching and recruiting ideal cop for the job. This work has been handed over to the Bharosa cell, that has been especially set up to provide relief and assistance to women.

Well, it will be a big of a deal to create a special bond between the buddy cops and hostel mates.

Talking about this issue head of Bharosa cell, Shubhada Sankhe clarifies, "Our job is tough and I will ensure that our cops know that this is a very delicate and sensitive concept. It is not a policing task, but an effort to reach out to girls and women in distress as friends. We will keep all these things in mind while selecting and training the cops assigned as buddies," she said.

Hope that the buddy cop system becomes a huge hit in Nagpur by providing a sigh of relief for all the women in the city.

Information source: timesofindia

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