Meet Kerabai Sargar: The 60-Year-Old RJ Who Makes A Difference

Move over Malishkas and Nehas, for Kerabai is in the house and how!

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60-year-old Kerabai Sargar knew she had to do something about it. Just something, but yes.

The drought scene in the Mhaswad village of Satara district had become a menace. The villagers were struggling to cope up with the situation. Looking at her fellow residents, she decided to uplift the spirits of by using the medium of poetry, bhajans, and abhangs. People who heard her, thought of her as a silver lining to their dark cloud.

It was no sooner that Maandeshi Local Radio spotted Kerabai and her talent and chose to give her a platform. She was appointed as a radio jockey so that her consolatory poems fall on many distressed ears.

Kerabai’s accomplishments over the years have been considered as nothing less than commendable.

On Friday, farmer leader, Vijay Jawandhia praised Kerabai’s efforts by felicitating her at the Baburao Dhanwate Hall. She was awarded the laurel by the Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan.

Sarah Shafique, Harishchandra Borkar and Shivaji Rao Yadav were also seen at the felicitation ceremony.

On this occasion, Kerabai narrated various incidents of her life. She even went on to tell the stories of her childhood when she would sing abhangs. So when she saw a hoarding of Maandeshi Foundation organizing a radio show, she proposed to sing for the show. The organizers who were impressed by her talent gave a green signal and there was no looking back.

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What started out as an out-n-out singing show soon took shape of a talk show wherein she would discuss social issues the people in the area where grappling with. She was a hit amongst the masses.

Kerabai for many was the voice of a common man which was long ignored. People started resonating with the issues she spoke about and overnight she was their hero.

Kerabai eventually became RJ Kerabai. Her passion-turned-profession landed her on the hot seat of Kaun Banega Crorepati, a popular television show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan.

Anil Indane, the host of the event said how an RJ’s image is all about being smart and being fluent in their language.

"But salute to Kerabai's confidence who has achieved her goals under unfavourable circumstances and despite having a poor financial background. She has had no schooling, but she learnt everything orally. She may be illiterate but she is a role model for many," he said.

Sarah Shafique spoke about her venture she runs along with her husband Hasan, whereby they export the farm produce to Dubai.

"We realized that we have many rivers in India, fruits and vegetables. Outside, there is taste, but no nutritive value as in India, especially Vidarbha. We need to value our own assets," she said.

Girish Gandhi called Kerabai a ‘ray of hope at a time when many work areas are experiencing negativity’. He also laid out his plans for starting a regional radio station to promote Varhadi language.

Jawandhia asked, "What is education? True education is reading between the lines. It is to be able to understand issues and resolve them."

Applauding Kerabai’s creative streak and imagination, he added that radio is an influential medium for ‘touching people’s lives.’

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