Kalidas Mahotsav 2017 To Be Held At Nagpur's Newly Constructed Suresh Bhat Auditorium

The festival has been designed around the theme of Ritu Samhara, a mini-epic written by poet Kalidas.

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It is the time of the year that music and dance enthusiasts of Nagpur look forward to. Yes, we are talking about the annual Kalidas Mahotsav. Kalidas Mahotsav will be held this year from November 17 to 19.

The three-day event will be staged at the Suresh Bhat auditorium, unlike the previous years when the festival opened at Ramtek and last year at Naagardhan fort.

Talking about the festival to the media on Monday, Divisional Commissioner Anup Kumar said that the festival will be a low-key affair given the recent pesticide deaths in the region.

“We have scaled down the event also for lack of funds as the government has announced a loan waiver scheme for farmers,” he said.

“We don’t have the funds to create logistics and infrastructure to hold it there. Kalidas festival sees the participation of renowned artists and the audience attendance at Ramtek has been very poor,” Kumar said, talking about the change of the inaugural venue.

Kumar explained that the event is an effort to also promote tourism in east Vidarbha.

“MTDC is our main collaborator for this event and we will be holding a tribal dance festival at Kuwara Bhimsen and Navegaon, which come under Ramtek region, in January-February 2018. For this, we will also ask SCZCC to invite tribal of five states that it represents,” he said.

“We are also using this event for the branding of Suresh Bhat auditorium. NMC is also collaborating with us for this purpose,” he added.

Referring to the inconvenience caused to reach the auditorium, Kumar said that NMC will be running special buses on nine routes to help them reach the venue.

“We are also talking to Ola cabs to ensure their services are available in that area,” he added.

The smart city boards set up by NMC across the city will be advertising the event. It is also being promoted on social media. Entry to the event is free.

The festival has been designed around the theme of Ritu Samhara, a mini-epic written by poet Kalidas.

"Though it is a lesser known work of the poet, we have picked this theme as Ritu Samhara has a generic link with Indian classical music and dance," Kumar said.

The inaugural session designed by Saptak will have vocal and instrumental performances by young local artists of the city.

Information source: timesofindia

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