Interviewing Zero Point Energy's Mandar Tulankar

The green energy floor placed at Nagpur's railway station produces 10 W energy for every single person that walks on to it.

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Mandar Tulankar is an innovator by birth, entrepreneur by choice . He is a Co-Founder at Zero Point Energy Private Limited, a company that designed a green-energy generating floor which is placed at Nagpur's Central Railway station. It produces 10 W energy for every single person that walks on to it. We, at "", got an opportunity to have a talk with him.

1. How did you get into entrepreneurship ?

It dates back to my early childhood days where I enjoyed taking calculated risks and entering unexplored zones with a nack of exploring them. At the age of 8 I sold street dogs to my seniors in school and made my first profit of Rs 10. As time passed I realized I can make people belive in things which are yet to be manifested for real and then either bring them to real form or help them transform the idea into reality.

Entering Engg college with real low score made a silent promise to myself that I shall have my company registration papers before I have my graduation degree. Then the universe rearranged itself showing me the way to making my dream becoming a reality of the day.

2. What are the challenges you face as an young entrepreneur?

Challenges are basically the toll taxes on the highway to success or the price that you pay for your dream. Starting at very naïve age and competing or meeting people whose work experience was probably more than my then age, it was little difficult for them to gulp down the conveyed idea.

Another major challenge was find the right resource to get things moving in right direction. Being a solo founder there were some real low moments when everyone else of my age seemed to be doing pretty well and my rate was comparatively slow. Keep the fire lit up in those storms of failure was a thrilling experience.

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3. Top 3 Moments

1) When I met my then best friend, mentor and guide, who happens to be my better half now, the one who helped focus the wild fire into a concentrated laser. The only one besides me who knew about all the crazy dreams and plans most of which are a reality today.

2) The day I officially inaugurated our company called ANGEL’s R & D. Today, it is known as Zero Point Energy Pvt Ltd.

3) 9th Jan 2013: The 5 minute introduction at farm house of Mr Parth Majumdar when I was shooting for one of documentaries .The intial discussion gave me an appointment the next day at his work place.  That 2 hour meet up resulted got me a mentor and a guide who not only helped give a mature angle to business but plays a role of mentor who has always been there through thick and thin.  This year would be the 4th year of me working under his guidance. It has been great learning curve both personally and professionally. He was the one who made sure I continued even when the things paused and there were no results for a real long time. It is to his guidance and mentoring that we are seeing the light of the day

4. Did you face challenges getting a bride being from Marathi background ? What role according to you the family has to play?

I was lucky enough to have found my life partner in my early age. Yes the bride's family was initially skeptical and hence we took an year’s time before the marriage date and proved that their daughter would be well taken care off. Family can either make you or break you. For majority of the time it is the reason for success or failure for the very simple reason that you cannot fight your blood. For me my strength is my family. My father once said to me, "beta think million times before you take a decision but once you take that even if you get a billion failures do not stop keep going, there will be light at the end of the tunnel."

5. When did you start & what was the team size?

The first announcement was made on 21st dec 2010. Since then for different time spans we had different sets of people guiding us. Officially we started from 14th January 2013 and currently we are partnering a dutch company, its two directors and a set of working employees.


6. What are the things you are looking forward to doing in 2017?

1) Make the product mandate with the ministry of railways.

2) Freeze the current corporate enquiries that we have and to tap on more.

3) Incorporate this as official source of power in renewable energy sector .

7. Any influential talk/lesson you had? Any advice that you may want to pass on...

Although there had been many but the ones that have left much impact are the ones from the lives of Steve Jobs, like

“you could connect dots only looking backward so you goto believe that thing called gut destiny or karma, be bold enough to follow your intuition they already know who you want to be.”

Advice that I could pass on would be “If you are going through hell keep going because things get worse before they get better. If you want to see the light you got to walk till the tunnel's end.”

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