30 More Illegal Structures Added To The List For Demolition

NMC has left out 7 structures as they were on private lands.

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Adding to the list of current demolition drive of illegal shrines, NMC is deciding to put 30 more illegal structures under the backhoe. The total number of illegal shrines for demolition is now 1,278.

A meeting was convened on Tuesday, of the city-level committee which decides about illegal religious structures. Municipal Corporation commissioner Virendra Singh headed this meeting and finalized to add 30 more illegal structures to the demolition list.

The committee though, has left out 7 religious structures as they were on private land.

NMC had listed 1,521 illegal religious structures between 2011 and 2013 after the Supreme Court orders on September 29, 2009. Eighteen illegal religious structures were legalised as they were heritage structures. List of 175 structures, constructed before 1960, were sent to the state government.

NMC had received objections over 80 of the 1,328 structures in 2014. Following to which, NMC made a final list of 1,248 and started demolition. The city-level committee and finalised orders in 37 cases, after hearing the 80 objections.

An official from NMC said, “Objections on 30 structures have been rejected as they are on government land, roads or footpaths, and without any sanction. Hearings in 48 of remaining 50 have been completed. Hearing on two objections will be held next Tuesday. Orders in remaining cases will come soon.”

The committee has told NIT to take over the demolition of 546 structures, as they were on NIT land. NIT though, told the High court last week that, only 330 illegal structures come under their jurisdiction. This created a dispute between NMC and NIT.

NMC, though has been carrying out the demolition drive of illegal religious structures on road. It demolished two structures, one in the Satranjipura zone and other in the Lakadganj zone on Tuesday.

Three structure were not demolished after receiving objections.

NMC also continued razing encroachments on footpaths. NMC witnessed a strong opposition in Mominpura during the drive. Windscreen of an excavator was left damaged by stone pelting protestors.

A team was in Mominpura, to carry out razing of encroachments on pavements on the Mominpura gate-Mominpura Chowk-Motibagh Road to Ansar Nagar stretch, said Enforcement inspector Sanjay Kamble. The enchroachers tried to protest the process.

But due to the heavy police deployment, the team was successful in razing the illegal constructions and seize a truck full of material. 

Information Source: timesofindia

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