Hadas High School Celebrates 75 Years Of Persistence, Education & Excellence!

The entire school was beautifully embellished with flowers and illuminated with lights; the event made all the reminisced in school days.

Hadas High School, Platinum Jubilee, 75th celebration, Bapu Saheb Hadas, P.R. Joshi

Walking down the memory lane and rekindling all the fun and mischief you did as a kid in your school premises was primarily the topic discussed by all the ex-students who congregated to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Hadas High School.

The events kept everyone enthralled but what drove alumni towards utter happiness was the reunion; the reunion of them with their old friends, old school walls, and old memories.

While few people had moist eyes, others carried a beautiful smile on their face. Some gazed at the empty corridors while some sat on the bench of their classroom. Almost everyone found out their own way to reunite with their nostalgia.

75 years completed and many more to come, here’s the glimpse of school history:

Founded on August 9, 1942 by Mr. Bapu Saheb Hadas, the school was struck by an unfortunate incident during the inception of the school after the death of Bapu Saheb in the year of 1952. The entire responsibility of the school was then carried by P.R. Joshi. Later, with time the school got evolved and attained the height of excellence in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Perhaps, Hadas was the only school in Vidarbha that had a swimming pool that too in the year of 1960.

The Alumni Foundation:

Executing an entire thread of events flawlessly needs a dedicated team of hardworking people. One such team was formed on August 9, 2017, named- Hadas HS Alumni Association. Advocate Mahendra Limaye thought of this concept first while Mr. Uday Kamat and Dr. Rasika Rao initiated this project “Alumni”. Gradually the group got built up and received an overwhelming response from the ex-students; the objective of the team was to form a group of life members of 750 ex-students and invite each one of them to the mega event of Platinum Jubilee.

Source: facebook

Talking about the challenges faced by the team on approaching the ex-students, Mahendra Limaye, said,

The main objective of the establishment of the Alumni Association is to act as a backbone structure for the school and its activities. Since the entire database of school has not yet fully digitilized, retrieving contacts from the database and approaching them was the biggest challenge we faced. But the website we made helped us to reach around 1000 ex-students out of which 600 students agreed on become life members and donated 5000 INR. With the help of few generous sponsors, we could gather handsome amount of money within the span of 3 to 4 months that will be contributed to the betterment of the school.

Throwing more light on the events organized by the faculty and the students, Rajan Parulkar, further told us more about this social gathering,

With lot of fun & zeal, the entire week (14 Nov-18 Nov) was well-spent, thanks to the contribution we received from the entire school faculty and students. While the first two days marked the cultural program of students and teachers, the evening of 15th witnessed a variety entertainment show called- Sur Niraagas Ho. While 16th and 17th kept the students engaged in fun-fair, creative activities and competitions, 18th was the day which people were awaiting for the most. In the presence of Maharashtra CM, Devendra Fadnavis, the other chief guests that graced the event were- Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Chandrashekhar Bawankule and Anil Kakodkar. To give back a warm thanksgiving the school gave alumni a “treat of brunch”.

Talking about the contribution ex-students donated to the school, Nitin Sahastrabuddhe, Alumnus of the batch 1977, said,

A computer lab was developed by Narendra Hete, a student of 1966 batch and E-Podium with an interactive media projector was been installed by an ex-student of 1974 batch. These high-end technological labs which are the part of our project called- Vision 2015 was inaugurated by Shri. Nitin Gadkari.

Source: facebook

We got in touch with some ex-students of this incredible institution and this is what they had to say! 

It was indeed, nostalgic! We have reunited with our batch mates after the span of 47 years.  The feeling of meeting them after such a long time cannot be articulated in words.- Dr. Mukund Paithankar of 1970 batch. 

I am glad to be the part of this Alumni meet and being an ex-student of this school I would always feel good to contribute towards the development of the school from my end. I believe that the true purpose of education is achieved only when you implement in for the betterment of your surrounding and betterment.- Mr. Arvind Kadbe, Inventor of Olava Foundation, 1977 batch. 

Ever since we came to know about the plan of alumni meet, the excitement level of ours were very high. After coming here it feels so great that reliving in this moment has reminded us the good-old-school-days.- Dr. Bodhankar, 1970 batch.

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