GST Will Help Nagpur In Becoming The Largest Logistics Hub Of India!

Nagpur stays at crossroads of India's major, busy rail and road highways.

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Known for the zero mile, oranges, wildlife sanctuaries and now for the 45-degree celsius summer heat, Nagpur will soon undertake the Goods and Service tax regime which will completely overhaul India's transportation system.

The Modi government had announced the implementation of the 'One Nation One Tax' regime from July 1.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Nagpur, the central Indian city with a population of 2.4 million people stays at crossroads of India's major busy rail and road highways. It is also a central point that equally divides the country into the east to west and north to south.

"While the new GST won't solve many structural problems of India's transport network, it could trim logistics costs of companies producing non-bulk goods by as much as 20 percent, according to an estimate by Crisil, Mumbai-based unit of S&P Global Inc," the report said.

With all these features, Nagpur is looked as a groundswell of investment. Retailers and warehouse companies are betting that this development will transform the city’s fortunes.

The new tax will replace layers of provincial levies and unify India’s 29 states into a single market. Transport minister Nitin Gadkari said it could push economic growth into double digits by eliminating shipping delays across state borders and cutting corruption.

Information source: asianage, deccanchronicle

Title image: gstcloud, Blogspot

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