Nagpur's 12-Year-Old Gouri Creates A New World Record

Google Girl breaks the record held by a Nepali girl.

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Memory is a funny thing; it deceives us when we need it the most. Fortunately, this is not the case of the 12-year-old Gouri Kodhe, who has created a new world record by memorizing 50 objects in one minute. She achieved this feat yesterday at Sai Sabhagruha.

The child prodigy broke the previous record held by Arpan Sharma from Nepal, who memorized 42 objects in a minute. The Guinness Book of World Records will be acknowledging this record.

With this record, Gouri has become eligible for the record in ‘Longest sequence of objects memorized in a minute.’

 Source: nagpurinfo

The 12-year-old, also known as the "Google Girl" has made the city proud earlier by memorizing the entire Indian Constitution and getting her name etched in the India Book of Records, Genius Award, Asia Book of Records and World Record of India.

For the record, Kodhe had to memorize different objects kept on a table in a minute, the judges, shuffled the objects and asked her to rearrange the objects in the previous order on a sheet with numbers in 15 minutes.

The rules were simple, she had to memorize the position of an object, put it in its place and then go for the next object.

Gauri uses her mother’s Inspire Memory Technique to memorize things. Vaishali Kodhe is a memory technique trainer herself and she was the one who recognized and nurtured her daughter’s talent.

At the Event yesterday, Gouri thanked her parents and Dr. Anil Bajaj who guided her to create the world record.

Gouri received the world record certificate at the hands of Mr. Sunil Waghmare, who too holds a world record.

This little one surely has the memory of an elephant!

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