Gorewada Reserve Will Soon Have An Archaeological Theme Park

The ATP will be designed by the department of ancient Indian history and culture & archaeology of Deccan College.

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An Archaeological Theme Park (ATP) is making its way inside the Gorewada reserve forest, following the project to conserve megalithic burial site which is on the go at present.

The ATP will be constituted by a joint venture of the Gorewada International Zoo, Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM) and Essel World. It will be designed by the department of ancient Indian history and culture & archaeology, Deccan College of Postgraduate & Research Institute, Pune. A MoU was signed with the Deccan College in earlier last year.

Spread over 12.5-acres of land in the southern part of Gorewada forest, the project will be the first of its kind. It will have four different sections viz. the prehistoric period of human evolution, early farming communities, transitioning to urban culture and again decline to rural phase till ethnoarchaeology. The project is estimated to cost Rs. 8.5 crores.

FDCM managing director Dr N Rambabu said, “Currently, work on Phase-I, which includes animal safaris, is in progress. The theme park will be done in Phase-II and will display models of human civilization — how prehistoric men turned from hunter to agriculturists. All these models will be corroborated with evidence from actual sites so that visitors can correlate and understand.”

According to Dr. Kantikumar Pawar, the project in-charge of ATP, three ages of the human life and the prehistoric period will be on display. The theme park will also be replete with a megalithic section where objects from the excavation of burial sites at Gorewada will be exhibited. Many other kinds of burial from other parts of the Indian subcontinent will also be displayed.

The Vidarbha region and the most parts of Central India are still rich with tribal culture, according to Pawar. There are Kolams in Yavatmal, Korkus in Amravati, Gonds in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and Madias in Gadchiroli who still practice the old traditions.

 “This culture will be put on display through images and art in the ethnoarchaeology section of the theme park. An interpretation centre is also planned sharing pictorial information about our ancient culture,” said Pawar.

Information source: timesofindia

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