The Goodwill Tribe Captivates Nagpurkars With 'Music Under The Stars'

The setting was very basic and minimalistic but had a soothing feel to it.

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We all, at some point, felt or said ki yaar Nagpur kya boring jagah hai, kuch interesting hota hi nahi yahaan! Ask me and I’d say maybe The Goodwill Tribe was born out one such conversation!

The Goodwill Tribe in its 6th event decided to play around with music. But mind you, their event was not one of those regular music concert conducted in an auditorium with mics and fancy sound systems. With ‘Music Under The Stars’, the Goodwill Tribe wanted to bring forth the therapeutic aspect of music. Yes, the event was like a 2-hour long music therapy.

Organised in the Shankar Nagar Park, the event was organised without any mics, sound system or instruments that require electricity. The tribe wanted to keep the event as well as the ambience as natural and organic as possible.

The setting was very basic and minimalistic but had a soothing feel about it, just a banyan tree with some yellow lights hung on its vines, the performers sitting on the slightly elevated platform around the tree and the audience sitting on the grass.

What was unique about the event was that the Goodwill Tribe had collaborated with some of city’s budding musicians practising different genres. So, there were sitar players, tabla players, Punjabi and Bengali folk artists, classical singers and a flute player. The result of this combination of artists? A very beautiful and unusual fusion.

Another distinctive feature of this event was its concept, the artists were divided into three slots, Music for Nature, Music from the Roots and Music for Worship. With this, the tribe wanted to explore the various facets of music.

“We wanted the audience to understand music as something soothing and therapeutic, rather than looking at it as just another form of recreation. That’s why we opted not to use any sound system. The reason why we chose an open space instead of an auditorium was that we wanted everyone to try and distinguish between noise and sound,” explained Rajasi Kamble, a Goodwill Tribe volunteer.

“We wanted to give the audience a soulful experience,” she added.

The raw talent artists left the audience mesmerised.

“I loved the event, the concept, the thought that was put into the organisation and management of the event and especially the performances, it was something new. I liked how the event was divided in segments, it was really thoughtful!  Honestly, the event left me feeling very peaceful! It is rare these days to have something so natural and soothing,” said Mugdha Oak, an attendee.

“It was one of the best musical concerts I’ve attended in recent years. I was especially moved by the abhang and the folk songs. Noor-e-Khuda was the perfect ending to this soulful event,” said Pravin Kulkarni.

Along with the attendees, the event was a new experience even for the artists. “ Playing instruments was my hobby, but over the years, it has evolved into a passion,” said Bengali folk artist Kaushik Biswas, who mesmerised the audience with his soulful rendition of Lalon Fakir’s ‘amar ghorer chabi porero hate re’.

“Music Under The Stars, for me, was a motivational event. It was wonderful collaborating with artists from different genres,” said sitar player Ritesh.

The event ended on a musical note with all the artists performing ‘Noor-e-Khuda’, this was the tribe’s take on Music for Hope. It felt as if, with this song, the Goodwill Tribe was saying, as we learn to move on, hope shouldn’t be left behind.

Images sourced from Omkar Dhamangaonkar, Nikhil Dohale, Devashish Jalamkar and Himanshu Shegaye

Title image source: Shubham Ingole

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