The Goodwill Tribe, Nagpur Revives The Art Of Storytelling Through 'Kisse Lakeeron Ke'

An event that took us back in time!

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As reading a story from a book and kindle gives you totally two different experiences; same is the situation with stories that we listen from a third person’s view and from a person who has actually lived through that moment.

Kisse Lakeeron Ke was that one event which was more of an experience than just another story-telling event. After Ek Panna Ummeed, Nagpur's first spoken-word poetry event, The Goodwill Tribe came up with a storytelling event which pulled stories from a trove- a trove filled with events that revolved around the year 1947, stories of freedom, partition, and rehabilitation.

The entire setup complemented the theme of the event. Right from the sitting arrangement to the musical pieces, everything was nostalgic.

The story-tellers Suvarna Vaidya, Yograj Sahni, and Arun Tikku had some compelling stories to tell!

While Suvarna Vaidya took us back to our school's history lessons, Yograj Sahini and Arun Tikku recalled their personal accounts.  

Beautiful songs in between the storytelling sessions took the spirit of the event to a different level altogether.

To give you a broader view of the event, Reacho Nagpur interacted with some listeners. This is what they had to say:

The concept totally intrigued me and getting a chance to hear a story from the person who has experienced those times is a thing that you generally don't come across. I was awestruck to hear stories from Yograj sir and Tikku sir as they uncoiled the kisse of their era. –Shruti Kapur

I loved the event. Constructing an event based on such a novel concept really turned out to be a great experience for me. The initiative was to sensitize in terms of history. It also enhanced the emotional connect that one has towards his country. –Ketaki Deshpande

To get more details about the event, we got in touch Karan Taral, one of the volunteers of Goodwill Tribe: Nagpur Chapter. 

"After a huge success of Ek Panna Ummeed, we all had huge expectations from this event too and we are glad that Kisse Lakeeron Ki also fetched an overwhelming response. Around 120 people from every age group attended the event," he said. 

The event concluded on an emotional note when one of the volunteers read out a heartwarming letter penned by Mahapara Rahman from Toba Tek Pakistan. The volunteers got in touch with Mahapara and asked her to write a letter to India and Indians on behalf of the Pakistani youth. 

She wrote about her experiences when she visited India for her father's treatment. She even expressed gratitude for all the love and respect she received while she was in India. She concluded by saying how it is important for the youth of both the countries to build a bridge of friendship and co-operation. She also emphasized on the fact on how both the countries are the same. 

The volunteers also made some thoughtful souvenirs for the attendees which were distributed at the end. 

It's amazing that such events are happening around the city and we need many more of these!  

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