Gondkhairi Logistics Park Finally Inching Closer Towards Reality

Due to the project, famous restaurants like Sky Garden and Rajdhani are under threat.

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Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority’s (NMRDA) proposal to construct a logistics park at Gondkhairi is all set to kickoff. The unique kind of park will be situated on a stretch of road between Amravati Road and Outer Ring Road. The project will be executed in four parts, out of which, the land for the first two parts has been identified and cleared.

The project’s latest revival will make some noted resorts and restaurants like Chokhar Dhani, Environment Highway, Sky Garden, Rajdhani under threat of displacement. However, these restaurants are not in the area of the first two phases of execution.

Five years ago, the project was proposed and the preparations to draft the plans of the initial stage were carried on in full swing. An area of 20sqkm was to be occupied from the Gondkhairi village in Kalmeshwar tehsil and Pendhri village in Hingna tehsil. Now the piece of land falls in the metro region’s development plan.

For the longest time, the project faced certain resistance due to the land in question being an agricultural land. It also housed various resorts, restaurants hotels etc. While issuing a statement to TOI, NMRDA said that part-II and III of the project will be commenced first.

“These two parts are situated on the other side of Outer Ring Road, towards Amravati. Part-II will be 3.7 sq km and part-III 4.06 sq km for a total of 7.76 sq km. Land parcels coming in these two parts are owned by very few persons. Also, there are no major constructions in these two parts,” he said.

According to an official of NMRDA town planning department, no restriction was received when the boundaries of the two projects were marked.

“Draft of town planning scheme to decide what will come where has been prepared. Detailed project report to come up with estimated cost of the project and works is under preparation. Project execution can begin once draft of TPS is approved by the state government,” he said.

It has been decided that only after the completion of the first two parts, the works for remaining two parts will be carried out. Until then, no acquisition of land or demolition of structures will be carried out.

The logistics park is one of the five NMRDA proposed improvement schemes in the Metro Region.

Infomation source: timesofindia

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