Nagpur's Ganesh Tekdi Temple To Get A Makeover On The Lines Of Swami Narayan Temple

The old temple, constructed in 1975, is approaching the end of its estimated life.

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A venerated place for many devotees in Nagpur and the rest of India, the Ganesh Tekdi temple is all set for a rejuvenation. With the old structure- built in 1975- approaching the end of its estimated life, a new construction, inspired by the BAPS Shri Swami Narayan temple in Wathoda, Nagpur will take its place.

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The work being carried out by PT Mase and Associates will ensure that none of the existing features, like the swayambhu idol, as well as the 125-year old peepal tree arching over it, suffer any damage during the reconstruction.

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The new temple complex, being constructed at a cost of Rs 10 crores will have a high shikhara, carved pillars and stone cladding, much like the peculiar style of the Swami Narayan temples around the globe.

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The stone for the carvings and cladding is a special variety of sandstone that will be sourced from Rajasthan.

We are certain the new temple complex will only add to the divine experience!

Information source: Times of India

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