Gadkari Pledges Furnished Houses For Rs. 5 Lakhs And Free Electricity Supply Ahead Of Elections

Gadkari announced setting up a state-of-the-art market for fruit, vegetables and meat in the East Nagpur area.

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Union minister of road transport & highways Nitin Gadkari has pledged a furnished house for a meager sum of Rs. 5 lakh along with free electricity supply to people who do not own a house or a plot of land. Gadkari announced this development during the election rally held at Mini Mata Nagar - a locality with people from low income strata. He revealed that the houses would have a carpet area of 409 square feet and would be allotted on the basis of income only and not of caste and religion.

“The homes with a hall, bedroom, kitchen and balcony would also have two fans, five LED lights, a sofa set and double bed,” he said. Around 1,500 persons gathered in the area’s bylane to hear Gadakri address them as he appealed to support by voting for him and making him victorious by twice the margin he achieved last time round.

“With your blessings I am sure that I will once again win. I don’t mention about my rivals in any of the speeches because I don’t even take cognizance of them,” Gadkari said while speaking about the work he did for the poor people.

Gadkari stated that about 9,000 heart surgeries, 60,000 eye check-ups and distribution of 25,000 glasses were done by him. Furthermore, he claimed that a free breast cancer check-up was organized for 1.5 lakh women of which 2,000 were diagnosed with the disease. Post-diagnosis treatment was provided to these 2,000 women.

During the address, Gadkari announced setting up a state-of-the-art market for fruit, vegetables and meat in the East Nagpur area where Mini Mata Nagar is. “It would have a food plaza above, where poor people can go on a capsule lift and enjoy meals at an affordable price,” said Gadkari.

Speaking about the tourist attraction development that is being planned at the Futala Lake, he pointed towards a street lamp and said, “A fountain four times its height would be raised at Futala. The music for the fountain show has been composed by AR Rahman and the script is written by Gulzar,”

 “The Mihan project already employed 25,000 people and in the coming days its plans to create 50,000 more jobs in the project,” he added.

The other leaders present at the occasion also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Balakot air strikes move in their speeches.

Satpal Maharaj, BJP leader from Uttarakhand and tourism minister for the state, went on to say that it was Modi who gave our nation the army, navy and air force. “Now he has made India a space superpower,” he said. Maharaj even explained the technicalities of how the low orbit satellite was taken down.

On the Balakot air strikes, he said, “They struck at wee hours when the enemy realigns its radars, and is also lax. The opposition is contesting the claims that around 300 were killed. They should have fallen along with the bombs to count the dead. It must be understood that the building that was bombed had a capacity to house 300 militants, so it was estimated that as much have been killed. India had got the precise coordinates of the location from Israel and US before the strike,’ he said.

Information source: timesofindia

Title image source: hindustantimes

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