Gadkari-Owned Plant To Produce Green Fuel By Processing Waste Crop Stubble

The minister spoke about his vision of making Vidarbha diesel free by making eco-friendly fuels available.

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On Saturday, union minister of roadways and transportation Nitin Gadkari revealed that he has started not one, but four units that will produce ethanol from crop straw.

Gadkari spoke to TOI during a public function that was at the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). He added that these units will be set up in the Bela and Bhandara cities of the region. “The ethanol units would reduce dependence for fuel requirement from Arab countries,” he said.

Explaining the need for such units, the union minister said that the farmers in Vidarbha produce tonnes of crop stubble in a single season. This waste/by product can be used as a raw material for producing fuel through these units. He further said these four units will also be crucial in tackling the pollution problem of the city.

Gadkari said that the fuel which will be generated from the four units will be an alternate source of fuel for tractors that are deployed for farming in Bhandara, Gondia, Gadchiroli, Chandrapur and Wardha. “The bio-fuel will be provided at a much cheaper rate than diesel,” he said.

The minister spoke about his vision of making Vidarbha diesel free by making eco-friendly fuels available. “This move will not only reduce air pollution but also save hard earned money of farmers. Farmers can also earn money from selling crop stubble,” he claimed.

Gadkari concluded by claiming that units will begin supplying ethanol by March end. However he did not divulge any details about the capacity of units that are to be installed.

Information source: timesofindia

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