Fun Fest- The Kids' Festival: A Day Of Fun For The Entire Family To Eat, Shop And Play

Nagpur’s first premium kids festival

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Parents, have you ever felt that Nagpur is far behind many other cities when it comes to baby supplies? Or high quality toys for your toddlers? Or books to engage your growing children? You are not alone! We spoke to Urvashi Thakkar, the enterprising Nagpur mom who came up with Fun Fest- The Kids’ Festival.

What is Fun Fest?

Fun Fest is Nagpur’s first premium kids festival. It is an event where everybody in the family- children, parents and grandparents- will enjoy a day full of activities, fun workshops, entertainment, food and shopping.

What motivated you to organize this event?

When I had my baby, there were very few places in Nagpur where I could shop for her. There were either online platforms, or festivals happening outside Nagpur. That made me wonder why Nagpur could not have something of this sort, and that is when the idea struck me.

What can we expect at Fun Fest?

It is an exhibition-cum-carnival. We’ll have stalls where you can shop for women and children’s clothes, accessories, and educational games. It will also have food stalls and play zones for children and live entertainment for everybody in the family.

What age group of children will this fest cater to?

I’d say zero, because we want expectant parents to attend this fest as well. In addition to the baby supplies shopping that they can do, we will also have a health care zone, where parents-to-be can learn about important things such as antenatal care and stem cell banking.

Who, according to you, should attend this festival?

Everybody who has, or will have a child, should definitely attend this festival.

For the toddlers, the health care zone will teach them about basic hygiene, how to maintain oral health, for example. We also have a child psychologist on board, who will counsel parents about dealing with issues like toddler tantrums which usually perplex new age moms and dads. There will be fun workshops where parents and children can participate in activities together.

Parents who are looking for anything from playthings to books for their children, and want to bring out the best in their kids, have to be there. Not only children and parents, grandparents are also welcome!

Tell us something about yourself.

My husband and I are in the builders and developers business. It was the baby that prompted me to come into this line.

When and where is Fun Fest?

Fun Fest will be held on November 6 at Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines.

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