Silly Or Serious? Just 4 Things Every Nagpurkar Is V/S Should Be Concerned About!

As 2017 comes to an end, we really sat down and got ourselves thinking deep about our priorities as a Nagpurkar.

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There’s something really amazing about Nagpurkars, it's the fact that we always have our priorities sorted. As citizens, we take so much pride in our tarri poha and ‘Tiger Capital Of India’ tag, that we often act ignorant towards things that need attention.

As 2017 comes to an end, here’s list of things Nagpurkars were really concerned about, in the last year!

1) No More KP ka Poha!

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*Sad reacts only!*

Earlier this year, Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court did the most atrocious thing by asking NMC to clear all encroachments near Kasturchand Park. This also meant that Nagpurkars will soon be deprived of KP ka famous tarri poha. Hence, a lot of people even opposed the court’s order. Why? Because for us, it’s poha over rules, any given day!


Okay so clearing of encroachments seems to be a big no for us. But clearing of the air we breathe in? No big deal ya! We aren’t in Delhi no. So what that Nagpur’s air consists of pollution matter five times more than the permissible limits! As long as we’re not in Delhi, we don’t have to worry about it. Mask and all toh we don’t need at all. We’ve got our dupattas and rumaals “covered” for us! Anyway, Nagpur is so green! Thank goodness to our forefathers who did not wait for the PM2.5 levels to go 354 as opposed to the limits of 60!

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2) Yaar, why Nagpur doesn’t have a McDonald’s?

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The only thing that worries Nagpurkars the most is when Nagpur will have its own McDonald’s. While most of us have made peace with the fact that it’s not opening anytime soon, there is a section which is still hopeful about it. Such optimism, much wow!


I love us! I mean we make peace with the (not-anytime-soon) opening of McD and closing of Nag nadi so easily. Those who raised their hands to argue that it’s not closed/blocked yet, thank you. Thank you for being aware enough that the river hasn’t been completely blocked but right on the verge of it. Looks like we’ll have to assign buddies to educate y’all on what’s the latest development on this once-upon-a-time-pride river of our city! Oh, looks like I’m going to fall short for people for they’re still standing in the McDonalds’ line!

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3) Yaar, Nagpur mein Arijit Singh kyun nahi aata?!

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Seriously! It’s shameful how people are even making memes on this serious issue. Arijit Singh, the pioneer of Akhil Bhartiya Dardi Sena was scheduled to perform in Nagpur for multiple times, this year. But the show got cancelled, every single time. The magnitude of people affected due to this catastrophe is HUGE. The situation is GRAVE. The struggle is real, bruh!


Yes, the situation is grave. Literally! It’s a grave all over, especially in the fields around the city and most of Vidarbha. Aur kya hi hoga?! No monsoon na this year. Oh y’all didn’t notice kya? Oh! Koi na, But let me tell you all the floodgates of tears that opened up during Arijit’s songs and concert cancellation are just not good enough to water all the barren lands. Just saying!

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4) Cribbing about the exorbitant prices of Tiger Zinda Hai at PVR!

The only multiplex we Nagpurkars boast of, without any doubt is PVR.  We’ve been to PVR so many times that it’s not difficult to mug up the shift duties of workers who work there. Hence, when it’s Sallu Bhai pairing up with the queen of expressions, Katrina Kaif, you surely have plans of experiencing this cinematic marvel on big screen. But alas, the exorbitant ticket prices of PVR have forced most of you to opt for a modest Sudama or a Sangam. If this isn’t disappointment, I don’t know what is?!


Tiger Zinda Bhi Hai?! Because the last time I checked, tigers were dying. Not just in Nagpur, but in Chandrapur and some other tiger reserves as well. But the Bollywood collection of the movie and the soaring prices of tickets in black make me feel that Salman ke zinda hone ki khushi is much more than the angst of tigers dying lately. Also, if you’re wondering that what help you’d be given there are already wildlife enthusiasts who are already doing so much, then let me tell you guys are just the target audience for the Salman’s latest!

But if you’re one of those who got the point of this article and wish to get off that couch and do something for your city, then how about starting with a signature campaign to show support to our petition against unnatural electrocution and illegal deaths of tigers? ‘Speak Up Now’ is an NGO that has been actively working towards this cause. By signing their petition, you’ll not just raise an awareness but save the life of the tigers who’d face the danger of any kind of illegal death.

Sign up here and do sign in tomorrow!

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