Affordable Yet Delicious: Must Visit Food Trucks Around VNIT, Nagpur

Even though the number of authentic food trucks in Nagpur is less, but there are many joints which have Indianised the original theme.

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Nagpur’s food scene has changed over the last five years. The city has moved on from its obsession of tarri poha and suddenly there are many restaurants serving different cuisines coming up, every single day. If you frequently visit the area around VNIT, you’ll notice that the place unlike Traffic Park and Bajaj Nagar, has fewer thelas and more food trucks. Even though the number of authentic food trucks in Nagpur is less, but there are many joints which have Indianised the original theme. 

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of top (authentic and pseudo) food trucks that you’ll find around VNIT!

1. Andy’s 

With a unique menu and sleek design, Andy’s food truck is the most popular of the lot. If you’re bored of eating the same old Chinese street food, then you should definitely visit Andy’s. The pasta and burrito served here are lip smacking and will leave you craving for more. Also do try anda bhaji pav, at least once!

2.  Anand Fish Fry

We Indians can give a desi touch to every possible thing and the theme of food trucks is no different. Nagpurkars, especially have Indianised the basic theme of food trucks and serving some desi at heart dishes. And Anand Fish Fry is a perfect example of this!

June is approaching and so will monsoon. So what better option than eating piping hot chicken and fish pakoras on chilly rainy evenings. The masala used to marinate chicken and fish is different from what you usually eat at restaurants. Another reason for foodies, indeed!

3. Goldy’s Foods

Continuing the desi food truck legacy is the newly opened Goldy’s Foods truck. This one is run by a true blue Sardarji and has authentic vegetarian Punjabi dishes on their menu. If you’re craving for your mother’s rajma chawal, then you should not miss visiting this one. The food truck also serves Chinese, North-Indian food, sandwiches and burgers.

4. Gurukrupa Chat Bhandar

Move over your usual thelas and enjoy spicy pani puri at Gurukrupa Chat Bhandar. This one serves every possible chat item in addition to chhola kulcha. The owner claims that this is the first food truck of the city. Also, did we forget to mention that it also has a water cooler installed inside the truck! And they say street food is not hygienic! 

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5.  KGN Chicken Biryani

Now that we’re talking about desi food trucks, we have to mention this one, just because it serves our favorite dish: Biryani! A treat for every Biryani lover in Nagpur, the menu is quite pocket-friendly and can act as a savior to you in the days when you’re broke!

6. Panky’s

From Chinese to Mexican, from misal pav to kheema pav, this one serves everything! And guess what, everything is under 100 bucks. If you want to avoid visiting overpriced and overrated restaurants, do visit this affordable eatery in the heart of Nagpur. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 

7. Step N Eat

If we scan Nagpur’s food history, one thing is for sure that anything new comes up in the city, people just accept it with open hearts. And Step N Eat food truck is no exception! This is one of the best places of the city which serves best Mexican dishes. If you want to get over the tarri poha or Shreenath Pav Bhaji hangover, then do visit this one!

8. Yellow Barbeque Station!

If you’re too broke to visit Barbeque Nation, you should try visiting this one. From kebabs to tikkas, Yellow Barbeque Station is a perfect place for every meat lover, since 2011!

Honorable mention:

Pubico’s Little Cravings

Well, the name (we don’t know what they were thinking) has nothing to do with the food served here. And it is the only reason why this one deserves a special mention.

Hungry much? Well, count the goddamn notes in your wallet and eat your heart out at one of these amazing food trucks. Hurry up!

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