7 Food Joints In Nagpur That Serve Bowl-Licking Delicious Misal Pav!

Even though the snack took its time to come to Nagpur, it is already a favorite.

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Misal Pav does not need any introduction. At all!

This popular Maharashtrian delicacy shot to fame first in Pune and Mumbai. Today, Misal pav has now become synonymous with Maharashtra. The heady concoction of curry or kat cooked with lentils and served with a healthy helping of sev has been a common breakfast or evening snack of folks in the Marathwada. With a variety like Kalya Masalyachi Misal (Misal loaded with pungent black pepper), Sev-misal (Misal topped with sev) and Dahi (yoghurt) Misal, a foodie cannot really say that they’ve tried it all.

After reigning and soaking into the glory of being Puneri, the humble misal pav is now finding it’s foothold in Vidarbha and our very own city.

Nagpurkars have always had a love affair with spicy. So when the misal pav was wiggling its way into the city, us folks welcomed it despite breaking into a sweat because of its spice. And for those who are not so fond of a spicy misal pav, you can ask for a toned down version.

In the recent past, a lot of food joints have started chalking their menus inclusive of this delicacy. And with Café Durga, a popular food chain for Pune, making it to the city, we can safely say the savory has now got a grip on Nagpurkar’s appetite!

So without delaying any further, we bring you seven best places to gorge on to this new-found food love of Nagpur!

Here goes the list:

1) Café Durga

Where: Deendayal Nagar and Near VNIT College, Bajaj Nagar.

This famous café from Pune has now opened doors in our very own city and we can’t stop ourselves from hogging onto their misal pav and cold coffee! Give their masala pav a try for a complete gastronomical experience.


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2) Ashirgade's

Where: Opposite Abhyankar Nagar Petrol Pump.

A kiosk situated right next to the Central Bank is often missed. But if you’re a foodie, you wouldn’t. The food joint serves various other snacks as well, but it’s the misal pav that makes up for most of the crowd that visits here.

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3) Shri Joshi Vada Pav

Where: Gokulpeth Market.

Now we all know this place for its out-of-the-world vada pavs. If not, I highly doubt how Nagpurkar you are. But did you know, this place serves some real mean misal pav as well? No? Then go, like, right now!

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4) The Breakfast Story

Where: Opposite Transmitting Station, Hingna Road.

We love this cute café which serves some delectable and wholesome breakfast options. Wiggling its way into the elaborate English menu is the misal pav among many other Indian savories. The misal is served in a big bowl and accompanied by the ladhi pav instead of the packet pav which leaves the dish with a signature Puneri touch.

5) Ghugre

Where: Sitabuldi and Bajaj Nagar,

For many of us, shopping in Sitabuldi isn’t over unless you’ve had a quick bite at Ghugre. This place is perpetually crowded, which is why they opened another outlet at Bajaj Nagar. The new outlet serves delicacies like Misal Pav and Kat Wada which is every foodies’ delight. So what are you waiting for?!

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6) Pratape Foods

Where: Amrut Bhawan, Ramdaspeth.

An online portal, this one manages to serve piping hot misal along with cotton-like soft pav even though they home-deliver. They say once you’ve had their misal pav, no other will be good enough for you. Well, let’s try it out together then?

7) Waghmare Misal Pav Center

Where: Baidyanath Square.

Located at the busy locale of Baidyanath square, this food joint is a regular amongst people staying in east Nagpur. The ones who frequent this place are such die-hard fans of their misal that are often seen eating it standing in the rush hours.

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Disclaimer: The list is compiled on the basis of author's experience and opinions.

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