Five Reasons Why You Must Watch ACME - An Award Winning Film By Nagpur Filmmakers

Appreciate the little things in life.

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Nagpur indeed is full of talent and there have been instances when the full-of-energy youth have proved it from time to time. In yet another achievement on the part of Nagpur the film ACME, a creation of the film makers of  Nagpur. 
The film won at the Asia's biggest film making challenge, where a film was to made in record time period of 50 hours.

The winning team

Here are the five reasons, why you must watch the film. 

1. Creation of Nagpur:

Yes! Being a little bit selfish helps here. Being the creation by the youth of Nagpur, ACME ends up to be a must watch. This would lead to promoting the art works that are made for and by the people of the city. 

2. The element of out-of-the-box:

The one thing that the makers of the film did here is to create something from the perspective of the artist himself. The out of the box thing in this film was the link with the artist, the sketcher. 

3. No dialogues:

There are no dialogues in this short story and yet it conveys the meaning in a wonderful manner. Just the music and the beats are enough to convey the feelings.

4. The cute kids:

The kids have played an astounding part, where they convey the emotions in just few seconds. Its all about the connect. Even if you know what happens next you just love the smiling kids. 

5. To get the meaning of life:

In the world surrounded by paranoia, we tend to forget what we have and chase what we don't. To get a hint of positivity for the day. The movie is a must watch.

Check out the video below and appreciate the little things in life along with the film. It's all up to you how you utilize the gift of life.


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