5 Nagpur's Cathedrals You Should Visit To Attend The Midnight Mass, This Christmas

Cakes, Carols and fun is guaranteed when all congregate under one roof.

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Illuminated with lights and decked with colours of red and green, Christmas is surely the day we wait for all year long. With cakes, candies and gifts around, we also witness thousands of devotees swarming in the church; as festivities sets no bar, Christmas welcomes all to be the part of this spiritual- pomp and zeal.

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As Christmas brings joy to everyone with carols, cakes, Chiristmas trees, pretty lights and presents, it also leads you to spiritual path by reminding us about the birth and life of Jesus Christ. Nothing is more peaceful than a Christmas mass. Here are the five places in Nagpur that’ll make you experience the exuberance of the Christmas Eve!

1: Saint Francis De Sales (SFS), Sadar

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Sunday 24th December 2017: Midnight service begins with the Carol Singing at 11.30 PM. Followed by the Holy Mass on the Cathedral Grounds.

Monday 25th December 2017: Holy Mass at 6.00 AM in English and 7.00 AM Mass in Hindi

Carol singing performed by various groups- 5.00 PM. onwards.

2. St. Anthony's Church, Ajni

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Sunday 24th December 2017: 10:30 PM
Monday 25th December 2017: Holy mass at 6:30 AM and 8:00 AM

3. All Saints' Cathedral, Sadar­­­

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Sunday 24th December 2017: 11:30 PM
Monday 25th December 2017: 8:00 AM

4. Holy Family Church, Medical Square, Untkhana


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Sunday 24th December 2017: 11:00 PM
Monday 25th December 2017: 8:00 AM

St.George Orthodox Cathedral, Mankapur

ST-George Orthodox Cathedral , Katol road ( P.O ) , Nagpur - Maharashtra - India Source: panoramio

Mass 24 December 6.30pm

Merry Christmas!

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