#ExploreNagpur: Things You Need To Know About The Geographical Heart Of India - ‘The Zero Mile Mark’

Constructed during the time of the British Rule, it holds a great historical significance.

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A provincial city of 2.5 million, Nagpur is at the geographical heart of India. A zero mile marker is located here. A sandstone pillar and statues of four horses mark the spot.

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Here are some facts that you should know about it:

Constructed during the time of the British Rule, it holds a great historical significance.

Situated southeast of the Vidhan Bhavan building, distances of various major cities which are measured from here are carved on the pillar erected at this site.

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The inscription on the vertical face of the monument’s pillar reads G.T.S. (Great Trigonometrical Survey) STANDARD BENCHMARK.

And the inscription on the horizontal stone reads “The height of the top of this pillar is 1020.171 feet above the mean level of the sea.”

Some historical facts:

The marker site was identified in the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India, undertaken by the East India Company and the British Administration.

The Survey began in 1802 and was completed in 1871. It demarcated the boundaries of British India and the measurement of the height of the Himalayan peaks such as Everest, K2 and Kanchenjunga.

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The British used it as a starting point to measure the distance of many states and towns from Nagpur.

They also planned to make Nagpur the second capital city.

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But there are always controversies…

Some reports claim that after the partition of undivided India into India and Pakistan, the centre of the country shifted from Nagpur to a small village in Madhya Pradesh. It is now supposed to be in Karaundi, located about 40 km from Sihora in Jabalpur district.

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