Experience The Exotic Mexican Food Right Here In Nagpur In These 7 Places!

We bet you didn't know most of these!

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In the past few years, Nagpurians have opened up to experimenting with their taste buds, especially with different international cuisines. Mexican food makes for a great example!

It is quite different from your usual butter chicken and naan or hyderabadi biryani or our jhunka bhakar. Spices and flavours ooze out of a beautiful burrito wrap as you bite into it and crisp nachos with a cheesy guacamole sauce wait to be picked up from the plate. Or one might prefer searing Mexican Sizzler or a nice Quesadilla. Are you hungry yet? Have we got you doing the salsa while looking for some true blue Mexicano food in Nagpur? Read on for a list of select places to head on to appease your appetite!

1. Cherries & Chillies

Where - Hill Road, Gandhinagar

I absolutely love how they’ve brought International dishes to Nagpur in affordable rates. Mexican food is one of their chief speciality. The Mexican Platter & Burritos here are a personal favourite.

2. Pubico's Little Cravings Food Truck

Where - near Hislop College

This is a start-up by college students serving delicious food on the go. Try their Crispy Tacos & Burrito.

3. Moksh 

Where - Jhasi Rani Square

While all they offer in the Mexican menu is downright scrumptious, do try their Guacamole (this being the only place in Nagpur serving it) if you have to pick one. Their nachos are different yet delicious as well. Also, don’t miss out on their desserts!

4. Andy's Food Truck

Where - South Ambazari Road

This place could be a little hard to find, so remember to keep an eye out as you approach the IT-park. This new food truck offers our favorite Burritos alongside their best-selling Pastas & Anda bhaji paav.

5. Mocha

Where - Cement Road, Shivaji Nagar

This has got to be every Nagpurian’s favorite cafe. Try their Nachos & Enchiladas (interesting name, isn’t it? An enchilada is a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and topped with a chilli pepper sauce) served along with the Mexican Rice. Mix it up or don't, the food here will have you going – heads up Ricky Martin fans – ‘Loco, loco, loco’ for the food!

6. Cafe Zinea

Where - Chitnavis Centre

This cafe is always seen flocked with youngsters and elderly alike, credits to its aura and central location. Try their Quesadillas available with both veg and non-veg stuffing.

7. Zuree

Representative image (source: buzzintown)

Where - Sadar

The right side of their menu weighs slightly high on the scale but if you’re looking for a proper fine dining experience, this is it! Don’t miss out on their Mexican Sizzler.

Bon appètite.

Image credits: Neha Rahate

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