Exclusive: McDonald's To Finally Open In Nagpur By The End Of This Year!

The franchise owner is hopeful that the construction will be completed soon and they can start serving Nagpur by year end.

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After Mainland China, Sigree and Little Italy, the only thing Nagpurians were waiting for with bated breath was the iconic Mcdonald’s franchise. For years now, there was a news that the fast-food giant will be opening its restaurant in Empress Mall and Eternity Mall. Some rumours also suggested that McDonald’s will not start a restaurant in Nagpur anytime soon.

But keeping all rumours aside, McDonald’s is finally arriving in Nagpur and that too with a bang!


“Earlier, we were reluctant to open a restaurant in Nagpur as people here are obsessed with Tarri Poha and Wada Pav. Moreover, their habit of asking for free fried chillies and chutney could’ve burnt our pockets. But after watching Nagpurkars satisfy their taste buds by eating Goli Vadapav, we’ve changed our minds,” disclosed McDonald’s India’s marketing head in an exclusive interview with Reacho.


“The construction of Nagpur’s first McDonald’s restaurant has begun in full swing and we’ve zeroed it on a site in Dharampeth, the most cliched place in Nagpur. If all goes well, then we can start serving Nagpur, by year end,” said Raju Tikle, owner of the Nagpur franchise.


Apart from the usual burgers and happy meals, a certain Nagpuri flavour will be added to the menu. 


“Yes! That’s the plan as of now. As we’re already late in Nagpur, in order to compensate, we want to give its citizens, a familiar taste. Hence, we will be introducing McTarri instead of the regular mayonnaise dip. Punjab ki Mashoor Matka Kulfi will replace the iconic McSwirl,” he added. 


Well, we can’t wait for further developments. Also, we hope that this news doesn’t go down the Arijit Singh Concert way!

McDonald’s ka Nagpur mein swagat hai bawa!

In other news: Happy April Fool’s Day! Now that you’ve been fooled miserably, tag your friends and make their day with this amazing news.

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