Donatekart: A Start-up By Two Nagpur Engineers Help People Donate Products To The Needy

In just 3 weeks of the launch of the website a total of 7500 products worth 1.5 lakhs were raised using the platform.

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To help those in need connect to those who want to help, Anil Kumar Reddy and Sandeep Sharma came up with the idea of Donatekart, a crowd-sourcing platform for social organizations where they can run campaigns listing down the products that the underprivilaged or those in crisis are in need of, and donors can donate these products online. This is an e-commerce platform where people instead of buying products for them, buy the smae for the NGO’s, which then distributes them among the needy. It is a first of its kind platform which primarily focuses on product donation thus building the trust and transparency in donations made to charities. Donatekart delivers the products to the organization and donors gets frequent updates on the product utilization. As no money is getting involved, this makes Donatekart a one of kind platform for us to help others.

How it all started:

The idea of Donatekart came up during the founders' college winter vacations last year when Reddy traveled to Chennai to work as a volunteer in the flood relief activities. More than 600 people died and there was a property damage close to US$15 billion during those floods. He worked in Chennai for 20 days with the organization Goonj and handled more than 100 tonnes of relief material. During this activity he saw some donations coming from Bangalore where they redefined the way of giving. Donors visited e-commerce websites like flipkart/big basket/grofers and then they ordered biscuits, sanitary pads, grocery, rice but kept the delivery address as the address of the collection centers. This conecpt gave him the idea of Donatekart to help NGO's get the resources that they need using the similar concept of donating products directly instead of money.

A little about the founders Anil Kumar Reddy and Sandeep Sharma: 

Anil graduated from VNIT Nagpur in 2016. He got placed in the campus but didn't go for it and started this social venture Donatekart. He engaged in different leadership roles in college and was highly motivated towards social work. He is also a passionate photographer expert in capturing human emotions. He co-founded a digital media startup Newspot when he was in college and even raised an angel investment for the same.
Sandeep Sharma is also a 2016 graduate from VNIT Nagpur. He joined Vedanta in campus placement but left it shortly and joined Donatekart. He started a venture during his holidays where he sold 5000 notebooks at 30% of its cost by getting local advertisers to advertise on the notebooks. He is inclined towards natural farming and has already started farming in his village.

Donatekart's progress till date:

In just 3 weeks of the launch of the website a total of 7500 products worth 1.5 lakhs were raised using the platform.

The team entered into the finals of UBERpitch event held in Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai where about 5500 teams have applied. The results of the finals are not out yet.

Won second prize in the Azim Premji idea Challenge held in Bangalore last month out of 100 teams from different IIT's and IIM's.

Currently, most of their sellers are from Nagpur. However, they also deal with a lot of other sellers from all around India and deliver their products to the NGOs. Any seller who wants to register himself on the website can look through the catalogue of products and check those which he can deliver to Donatekart. Its really that simple!

In just three months and with a team of just 5 youngsters, Donatekart has acheived a lot and have a bright future in front of them. Let us help these young minds in establishing a connection between the needy and those who want to give. Please visit their website and help in whatever way you can.

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