Dengue Outbreak In VNIT : Prof Dies, 58 Students Tested Positive

"Soon after Dussehra, we started getting positive cases, as one of the girls fell ill."

Nagpur, VNIT, Dengue outbreak, NMC, 58 students tested positive

Virendra Avsathi, a resident Mathematics professor at Visveswaraya National Insitute of Technology, reportedly died on Sunday morning at Meditrina Hospital because of dengue. According to sources, the VNIT campus is experiencing severe dengue outbreak as over 58 students have been tested positive for the disease.

Surprisingly, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), that normally claims to be prepared for any such situation, and spreads awareness about the disease, is unaware of this outbreak.

According to a senior NMC officer, they had come across 2 cases of dengue from VNIT a month ago, and that is all the information they have. According to officials, NMC has been inspecting organisations citing 3-4 dengue cases. Officials also claim to have issued notices to organizations on finding stagnant water in their premises.

"The medical clinic of VNIT had sent all blood samples to a pathology lab. The clinic has kept tabs on the reports, and total 58 cases have reported positive for dengue," said Narendra Chaudhari, the Director of VNIT.

"Soon after Dussehra, we started getting positive cases, as one of the girls fell ill. She has been a topper and an athlete too. Even with good immunity, she suffered a lot as her kidney began to dysfunction. For 21 days she was on ventilator, but fortunately she survived," he added.

Chaudhari said that after this, they had began cutting trees on campus in order to prevent the further spreading of dengue. "There are about 50 old trees in a clump around the hostels, where water logging generally occurs in the rainy season. Some trees completely lean on the hostel building, where mosquitoes generally breed. We began to cut the trees, with a plan to plant trees with thin trunks," he said

"On October 19, we received a notice from NMC to stop the work. This was the time three of our students were on ventilator. We then wrote a letter to NMC's garden department for permission to cut down the remaining trees, but there has been no response over the last 15 days," Choudhari said.

Talking about the lack of support from NMC, Chaudhari said, “Now, after the death on Sunday morning, who should be held responsible? The professor used to live in faculty quarters situated right beside the hostel. Four days ago, another faculty member from electronic department too had to be admitted."

Speaking about the issue green activist Swanand Soni said, “Branches of some trees lean after growing, stopping sun rays from reaching the ground. Mosquitoes tend to concentrate in such areas. The need is to trim such branches. Cutting the trees is not the solution."

Information source: timesofindia

Cover image source: reflectionsinscience, newsmobile

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