Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Accepts Gadkari's Invitation To Visit Nagpur

It's not a political visit, says Gadkari.

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Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has accepted Nitin Gadkari’s invitation to visit Nagpur.

Kejriwal will study the environment-friendly projects by BJP-led Nagpur Municipal Corporation during his visit.

He will be an official state guest for 24 hours from 27th to 28th January.

“Kejriwal will arrive on January 27 evening and leave on January 28 evening. During his stay in Nagpur, he will visit some projects by the NMC that are designed to reduce pollution," Indian Express quoted AAP Vidarbha unit organizer Devendra Wankhede. 

Informing about Gadkari’s invitation, he added, “Yes, the two (Nitin Gadkari and Arvind Kejriwal) had discussed the Delhi pollution issue. Gadkari apprised him of the initiatives that Nagpur has undertaken. So, Kejriwal wanted to check these out and see if they could be used to reduce pollution in the capital.”

Clearing that there is nothing political about the visit, Gadkari told Indian Express, “During a conversation with Kejriwal, I had told him about what the NMC has done to reduce pollution in Nagpur. So, he was interested in checking those out.”

Kejriwal will first visit Bhandewadi dumping yard to see nation’s prime sewage water recycling plant. He will also watch the most appreciated 24X7 water supply presentation. In addition, he will also take time out to see the re-charging station at the airport and also the ethanol-run green buses.

On Sunday, he will visit various NMC run projects along with the Metro rail office at Khapri.

Information Source: Indian Express

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