This Nagpur Debater's Account Will Tell You Why Hindi Is Still Very Much In Trend!

This person is a live example that success can also be found off the beaten track.

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A wise man once said that there is no shortcut to success. You need to have a great dedication and an ability to work hard, in order to succeed in life. 
Humans of Nagpur shares poignant stories of people in and around Nagpur and this one, in particular, is about a shy school kid, who went on to become most sought after debater in Maharashtra. This is what he says:

 "I was a ‘sits-alone-in-the-corner’ kind of guy in primary school. My class teacher remarked about my shyness in particular in my school report card. This forced my parents to push me on the stage as I was not good in activities related to music and dance. Right after that, I was delivering some 'thought for the day' messages in school assembly sessions.

In my fourth grade, after a Hindi reading test, my teacher asked me about my interest in going for a verbal skills competition in Satna. My Hindi speaking skills were surely not the best. Hence, after some recitations & practice, I participated and won the best orator &  best poet awards. That was the start of my journey and also my love affair with Hindi. 

I couldn't get into the premier engineering colleges, and in the midst of my first year in Ramdeobaba, I started feeling out of place. So I started participating in various personality contests and other similar events at the college level. Although I did well in them and my English was good, I felt that English just lacked the charm that Hindi had. So I decided to participate in Hindi events.

I fared horribly in my first competitive event in Hindi and realised the importance of regular practice albeit all the ability. After practising a lot for some nights, I appeared in my next Hindi competitive speech event & won. This continued with several major events in Nagpur. Soon, I was among the top five who spoke in front of some 8000 people in Bhartiya Chhatra Sansad in Pune and on that day, I decided to be a full-fledged orator.”

This person is a live example that success can also be found off the beaten track. When everyone is going gaga over English, he chose Hindi in order to express his thoughts and guess what, he slayed it completely!

 You can view the entire post here.

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