A Global Giving Revolution Taking Place In The Heart Of Nagpur

Crowdera, a US-based crowdfunding platform, has been running its Indian operations out of our very own backyard

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The ‘puliya paar’ part of Nagpur is looked upon as the old, underdeveloped part of the city. However, it’s there that a multinational crowdfunding organization is working towards the vision of bringing in a ‘giving economy’. Crowdera, a US-based crowdfunding platform, has been running its Indian operations out of our very own backyard for the last one year.

The founders.

A platform that allows NGOs and other people needing any funds to create campaigns through which they can raise money for their causes, Crowdera is different from other such platforms in that there is no service charge that campaigners have to pay to the platform. This was done because of co-founder Chet’s firm beliefs including ‘Abundance starts with giving’ and ‘Doing good should not be penalised’. In fact, he wants to bring in a giving economy wherein every person who can gives to noble causes freely.

It started as a US-based platform in 2014 whose services were replicated in India after a year of successful operations. “Every year, US alone does charity of more than $350 billion, which is contributed by individuals, foundations and corporations. Through research of third sector/non-profit world, we understood that the commissions are eating into the donations. It was our wish to help the people who dedicate their lives to the society raise money without worrying about what it will cost them that we started Crowdera,” said Chet. He runs the company from Palo Alto, California along with partners Chaitanya Atreya and Rich Mastuura.

Introducing college students to crowdfunding.

The focus on India was a way of two of the company’s founders to give back to their country of birth. Further, it was Chet who brought the operations over to Nagpur. Currently, a ten-person team in Nagpur has been engaged in activities like developing the website of the platform, outreach efforts and content creation.

Over the last two years of operations in India and USA, Crowdera has helped many non-profits working in fields like anti-sex trafficking, education of underprivileged children and animal welfare. Altogether, more than Rs4.5 crores have been raised through the platform by NGOs like Prajwala from Hyderabad which is run by Padmashree Dr Sunitha Krishnan, US-based Two Cents of Hope and Kohka Foundation from Pench, MP.

Learn more about Crowdera here and here.

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