Nagpur Metro Stations Will Be Named After Corporates For Ten Years!

The plan has already been taken up for Delhi and Mumbai metros and has been a revenue source for them.

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Mahametro has decided to initiate semi-naming rights of all Metro stations. The naming rights will be open to corporates and business houses through bidding in an auction. This will allow the station to be named after the respective business group.

Mahametro, which is finding ways to enhance their non-fare revenue, wants it to be 50% of the total income. 

The three stations which are almost complete will be tagged in the first stage. Auctions will be for the following three stations: Khapri, New Airport, and Airport South.

The plan which has already been taken up for Delhi and Mumbai metros has generated revenues for them. For the sake of advertisement and branding, many commercial groups have gone for semi-naming the stations.

Source: rail

If all goes as planned, any company who wins the bid will have the metro station named after it. For example: “ABC Khapri Metro Station”. The name will be for a period of ten years, as declared by the officials.

Earlier in December, Mahametro had already announced the tenders for semi-naming these three stations. January 12 has been decided as the last date for submitting the bids.

"The company's logo will be displayed wherever the station's name is displayed. This will, however, be limited to the station premises. The station name will remain the original elsewhere," TOI quoted a source.

According to the TOI report, the winning company will be giving 5 hours of advertisement rights on LCD screens installed in the station premises. 

Source: rail

Only digital advertisement will be allowed within the metro station. The rights will be in the form of advertisement minutes only. Underground branding and piers branding are not included in the tender.

95% of the work for the three stations has been completed. Public operations will start after the inauguration of metro's grade section, which is scheduled in February.

Well, thank God the auction bids are only open for corporate entities and not for people (read: politicians), for we cannot even imagine how that would sound like!

Information Source: TOI

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