From Climate Activism To Menstruation Awareness, Here's How Global Shapers Nagpur Hub Is Spearheading Reforms

'Global Shapers Community' - Nagpur Hub is a 'World Economic Forum' initiative.

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What is Global Shapers Community?

A grassroots network. Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. The Global Shapers Community spans 381 city-based hubs in 171 countries.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Global Shapers Community?

Being part of the community enables access to tremendous resources & opportunities such as in-depth exposure to thought-leadership and knowledge of global, regional and industry issues, development of leadership skills and capabilities through custom workshops, mentorships, etc. Other benefits include opportunities to attend international summits and conferences; platforms to interact with world & business leaders, scholarships for higher education at international universities, international work just to name a few.

The list of benefits can be found here.

What are the projects that are run by the Nagpur Hub of Global Shapers Community?

As change-making agents, the Nagpur Hub of Global Shapers Community is currently running 6 projects in full-swing. Parallelly, 3 more projects are being planned and readied for implementation. Let us look at the projects in brief.

Projects that are being run in Nagpur at present-

1) Shades of Blue –

This project aims to bring about awareness about the damaging effect of the climate change and empower the citizens of Nagpur with knowledge and tools to fight the climate crisis. A ‘Climate Reality Training’ will be held from March 10th to 12th to train the businesses, educators, NGO leaders and government employees.

2) Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SEF) –

Organized once a month, the SEF provides a platform to ideate, create and collaborate on projects/start ups of social impact. The long-term vision is to create a start up accelerator.

 3) Every Step Counts –

The project aims to bring in behavioral change towards use of non-motorized urban transportation i.e. walking & cycling via public awareness drives.

4) Lead the Change –

Under this project, community leaders from diverse background are invited to share their experience and achievements. The idea is to motivate young people to bring about positive change through dialogue and action. Noted personalities from the city such as Khushroo Poacha, Anu Chhabrani etc. have been invited so far.

5) Re-green –

The Nagpur Hub has undertaken a pledge to plant 10,000 saplings across the city to reduce the carbon footprint. Local governmental authorities have been roped in for the project.

6) #YouAreSomeonesType –

The objective of the project is to hold blood donation drives at corporate and colleges where they have not been held before. 50+ blood donations have been received so far under this initiative.

List of upcoming projects-

7) Period. –

As the name suggests, the project is being run to educate young girls about menstruation and dispel any misconceptions encountered thereof. A ‘Period kit’ which comprises of a couple of sanitary pads, tissue papers, wet wipes and an information booklet will be distributed to girls aged between 10-14.

8) Half Glass Full –

The dearth of potable, drinking water has got the Hub to pioneer the initiative of getting the restaurants to fill the glass of water only half. This will not only save a significant quantity of drinking water but will also put people in practice of conscious usage of water.

9) Shape-Craft –

This project intends to create stage plays that raises awareness towards various social issues, the philosophy is that of impact entertainment. By June 2019, 2-3 plays will be staged for an audience of 500 in total.

Members’ experiences:

Speaking about his experience so far, Vice - Curator Varun Agrawal says, “Being a shaper gets you in the company of an extraordinary group of people who are a tremendous source of ideas, inspiration & innovation; together we believe that we can change the world. It’s all about passion, persistence, and the belief in something bigger than oneself.”

The Global Shapers Community believes in giving it back to their shapers through the very many benefits that it promises. The benefits which span from local to global and personal to professional certainly attract the ambitious youngsters to become a member.

One such young gun who signed up with the Nagpur Hub is Prerna Chandak, who is a medical student and now the project lead for #YouAreSomeonesType – The Blood Donation Drive. “I have been looking for a platform which worked actively in the social space for the longest time. But my search ended when I learnt about the Global Shapers Community. I was always a confident person but now as a shaper there is a whole new level of self-assurance which makes me believe that the onus lies on me as much as on any other changemaker out there. Varun and Paras entrusted me with the responsibility of a project and showed their faith in me. That got me honing my leadership skills and developing an immense sense of responsibility towards the society at large.”

Naina Gill, a lawyer who recently joined the Nagpur Hub as a shaper, spoke about the modus operandi of the projects that are operational. “We have weekly meetings where we work on the plan of action for the next couple of weeks and implement the decided structure on ground. I’m impressed by how driven the fellow shapers are and that motivates me more to drive change through the projects that we run,” she said.

How to become a member?

One can become a member of the Global Shapers Community – Nagpur Hub by simply filling out the form on their website. Alternatively, one can express interest by reaching out over any of the social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or simply over email. The hub members would reach out and carry out the recruitment process from there. The membership of every member is valid until 33 years of age.

For further details, contact:

Paras Parekh, Curator – 8131995500

Varun Agrawal, Vice-Curator – 7744000775

Find them on:, facebook, instagram

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