Chelsea India Supporters Club, Nagpur Encourages City’s Crowd For A Loud Cheer!

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If you’re an ardent fan of football and can skip anything in this world for a football match, then my friend Chelsea India Supporters Club is the place for you!

Affiliated with Chelsea India, Nagpur opened its first chapter of Official Chelsea India Supporters’. It was Yug Pathak and Vikram Sathe who initiated this concept of Chelsea India Supporters Club – Nagpur where all the enthusiastic fans of football come under one roof to cheer for Chelsea FC.

Adapting the concept which was long followed in Mumbai and Bengaluru, it’s the city of oranges that are encouraging the Nagpurkars to uplift their voice from within and cheer for their favourite team- Chelsea.

Started in the year 2014, the objective of the fan club is to gather all the enthusiasts under one roof, cheering for the team, singing and chanting the slogan. CISC also provides an annual membership with benefits like club merchandise, free screening etc. To make the event more enthralling, a quiz is organized on every first half of the screening and the club awards certificates to the first winner.

Presently, the moderator of CISC Nagpur is Mayur Bhusale, while Umair Yar Khan is the core team member. 

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